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4 Reasons Why it's Okay Not To Get Your Pre-baby Body Back Right Away

4 Reasons Why it's Okay Not To Get Your Pre-baby Body Back Right Away

By Angela Ilagan | | postpartum body

No one really can expect how your body will turn out after giving birth.

Yes, you might have heard from other women who have gone through the same pain of giving birth that your body totally changes. Soon enough you gave birth and realized it wasn't how you expected it would be.

Not to mention postpartum depression, the stretch marks, excess skin around your tummy, plus the fact that you gained a huge amount of weight. The list goes on.

Can you relate? If yes, then you're not alone.

Accepting your postpartum body can be a struggle. Our self-esteem might have dropped and we might feel so ugly. And the trend on social media about getting your pre-baby body back can be so stressful, your thoughts might go downward spiral.

With that, here are few important reason why it's alright not to rush yourself to get your slimmer body back after giving birth.

1. Cutting calories might affect the baby's nourishment

It's important to consider your physician's recommendation if you want to get your slimmer body back. Rushing yourself to go on a diet and exercise especially when you're breastfeeding will just put your health and your baby's nourishment at risk.

After giving birth, your body needs a good amount of calories and nutrients to recover fast. On top of that, you need enough nourishment to pass on the necessary nutrients to your baby through breastfeeding.

Not to mention the fact that you need to eat enough because for sure your days will be much more exhausting.

2. You are more than your shape or size

You've probably gained so much weight after giving birth. And because of what you're seeing in social media where celebrities or supermodels got their bodies back after giving birth, then somehow you feel pressured to do the same.

There's nothing wrong with reaching that goal. But don't get overly pressured that it already consumes you and it causes you to be even more stressed out.

Remember that gaining weight after giving birth is a normal body condition. It's not something to be shameful of. Normally weight loss occurs a few months after giving birth.

Don't let what others say get into you. Always keep in mind that your curves are marks of your greatness as a mother.

3. Celebrate the changes

Be proud of those stretch marks, the curvy hips, and your breast — these are the marks of your motherhood — a badge of honor.

Your breast, tummy, and hips change because it's part of the process. It has to be like that because it has a purpose.

Your body change for a reason. And your body enormously did amazing things to help your baby. Your transformation is somehow your achievement.

Those changes are like athlete's scars or soldier's battle scars. It's something you should be proud of.

4.Your body needs a good amount of time to heal

You're in your new season of life. And each season has its timing. So, don't rush yourself to go back to your prebaby body back if you know to yourself that you haven't recovered fully yet. 

Take it slowly. And when thoughts of insecurities attacks, remind yourself of the reason why your body changes during and after giving birth.

One day, when you have more time and strength then you can always start the journey to get your pre-baby body back. Soon you can start doing simple and gentle exercises as well as began your diet program.

But for now, just enjoy the process. Embrace the change and remember that your weight is just part of motherhood.

Love + miracles,



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