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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Family Active

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Family Active

By Mummy's Miracle |


The weather is warming up more and the sun is up a little bit longer, so that means more outdoor time. So why not get the family more active? We are here to help you with 4 reasons why you should keep your family active.

1. Great way to bond together.

It can be hard finding time to bond as a family, with kids having extracurricular activities, and most parents working. Most of our family time is spent around a tv or a dinner table while watching tv. Sometimes we're so focused on our devices that we don't interact with one another. So maybe after dinner, go for a walk as a family together unplug and talk about your day. Great way to get the blood flowing, and bond as a family.

2. The rise in childhood obesity 

Kids today, have more technology at their fingertips than we could have ever imagined. They spend hours at a desk, with a small amount of physical activity. Then as parents, we do not make it any better sometimes when we let them stay on their devices for hours at a time, just so we can have a piece of mind. So get your kids active, ask them what sports they may be interested in, and get them playing outside for at least an hour a day.

3. Setting The Foundation 

If you have younger ones, you probably do not see much reason to bring them along while exercising. As a parent, kids watch the things that you do and say to set the foundation of good health. When they ask to go outside, go out with them, play with them at the park, even corporate them into your workouts. The encouragement and the foundation you set for good health will set the tone. 

4. Motivate Each Other

Having a support system to help you celebrate your small wins, is an amazing feeling. Working out as a family means having others around you to support you and celebrate your small milestones while on your journey. Being healthy isn't easy, but having people around you that cheer you on.

 So let us begin encouraging healthier lifestyles among our families. Create a stronger family dynamic that encourages a healthier lifestyle for our children, and the generations to come.

Love + miracles,



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