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5 Easy, Fool-Proof Independence Day Beauty Ideas

5 Easy, Fool-Proof Independence Day Beauty Ideas

By Mummy's Miracle | | beauty hacks, independence day, july 4, july 4 beauty ideas, makeup, makeup ideas, skin care, summer

As a mother, celebrating July 4th might be a little different than it was before you had children. Time might be limited and your partying days over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get festive! This summer, celebrate July 4th by implementing red, white, and blue hues into your beauty routine. These five easy July 4th beauty ideas will have you looking as hot as a firework, from your head all the way down to your toes!

Prep Your Skin

Before starting any beauty routine, you’ll want to make sure that your skin is clean, fresh, and moisturized. In the summer, hydration is especially important, as the summer heat can easily zap moisture from the skin and body.

After washing your face with an all-natural, fragrance free wash, pat dry and then apply moisturizing moringa oil, to the skin. After ten minutes, gently blot the area with oil-removing cloths to remove any excess oil. Now, you’re ready to apply a primer and your base makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.), if you wish.


Red, White, & Blue Eye Makeup

Chances are, you have red, white, and blue eyeshadow somewhere in your makeup bag. While you may not have combined these colors before, it’s a must for July 4th! A blended red, white, and blue eyeshadow is a fun, easy way to create a festive July 4th smokey eye!


Since blue shadow is likely the darkest, it should be applied on the outer corner, red in the center, and white in the inner corner. Blend it all together with your blending brush and finish it off with a winged eyeliner. If you’re short on time, just skip the eyeliner and opt for a coat of mascara.

Bonus Tip: Turn your powdered eyeshadow into cream eyeshadow with a small amount of fragrance-free baby lotion. Makeup artists swear by cream eyeshadows during the summer when the air is hot and humid.


Red Lips for July 4th


While red lips are typically the “go-to” look for many women on July 4th, some women like a more subtle option. A red-tinted lip moisturizer containing SPF is another option that provides a little color without drawing too much attention. The SPF will protect your lips from the hot summer sun—don’t forget SPF for your skin, too!

Finishing your lips off with a shimmer gloss or even glitter (if you’re feeling bold) helps to create an extra-festive July 4th look!


July 4th Hair Ideas

If you have the time and the funds, feel free to get your hair colored before your July 4th event! Red, white, and blue peek-a-boo highlights are a fun way to show off your festive side. Need help combating fly-away hairs? Try these four easy ways to fight frizz this summer!


Short on time or need a temporary style? Try colored clip-on extensions, American flag headbands, red bandanas, flowers and clips in festive colors or even glitter hair spray! These are quick, inexpensive ways to show off your creative side this summer!


July 4th Manicure and Pedicure

A quick coat of a solid color (red, white, or blue) is a super easy way to pull off a simple July 4th look on your hands and toes. If you’d like, you can also add a top coat of silver or gold glitter for a firework-esque style.


Feeling extra creative and have a little more time on your hands? Try your hand at painting an American flag design or even do a striped nail.


These simple beauty ideas for July 4th will save you time, so that you can spend more time enjoying your summer events with friends and family. To keep your beauty routine all-natural, pick up your favorite products before July 9th from Mummy's Miracle and get 20% off!



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