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5 Reasons to Use a Natural Vapor Rub on Your Child

5 Reasons to Use a Natural Vapor Rub on Your Child

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5 Reasons to Use a Natural Vapor Rub on Your Child

When your little one is coughing and congested, you want to do anything you can to make him feel better. Conventional, over-the-counter remedies like Vicks VapoRub may do more harm than good – studies have shown that the menthol vapors from Vick’s can actually irritate airways and cause an increase in mucus production! The younger the child, the more you may notice this unexpected and unwanted effect.

With a natural vapor rub, that is made from 100% pure, non-toxic ingredients like All Natural Mummy’s Miracle Vapor Rub, you know you are easing your child’s symptoms in the best way possible. Ready to try a natural remedy for safe, effective relief? Here are five reasons why using a natural vapor rub on your child is a smart move for your little one’s well-being.



1. No chemical or toxic ingredients means you get peace of mind.

Unlike a lot of the traditional products on the market today, Mummy’s Miracle is completely natural. There are no harsh chemicals, mineral oil, menthol, or petroleum. Just nature’s pure goodness goes into this formula. When you know your child’s vapor rub is packed with ingredients that are good for his airways and his skin, you get peace of mind while your little one gets a good night’s sleep.

2. Acts as a soothing skin moisturizer.

With a natural vapor rub, you can use it as often as you’d like knowing that it is rich in moisturizing, skin healthy ingredients. Mummy’s Miracle is made with a soothing, softening blend of natural moisturizers that are safe on even a baby’s delicate skin. Shea butter protects against moisture loss while moringa oil provides vitamins and phytonutrients to heal and protect at the cellular level.


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3. Made with essential oils that ease the mind along with congestion.

What better way to help your child to relax at night and fall asleep than with soothing essential oils. Lavender essential oil has natural anti-inflammatory and calming properties, while eucalyptus acts to open up the airways naturally, reduce congestion, and revitalize. The two together are perfect for creating a sense of balance and serenity so your baby can fall asleep peacefully.

4. Everyone in the family can use a natural baby vapor rub.

Mummy’s Miracle Vapor Rub is perfectly safe for everyone from babies to adults. Hypoallergenic, this baby vapor rub can be used for those with allergies, or anyone who is sensitive to strong synthetic odors. The natural scents of essential oils combined with the pure shea butter and moringa oil base have a gentle, pleasant aroma that everyone will love.


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5. Good for the environment.

When everything in your vapor rub is organic, ethically sourced, and natural, the environment benefits as well. Use a vapor rub that is good for baby, for you, and for everyone. Why use a product that could cause harm when there is a safe, healthy way to care for a baby’s (and your) skin!

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