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5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Child's Skin Soft and Healthy

5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Child's Skin Soft and Healthy

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Unlike infants and children, adult skin has natural barriers and defenses in place to protect it from climate, chemicals, and other natural and unnatural irritants. A child’s skin, from the day she’s born to three-years-old, is sensitive, delicate, and prone to irritation. To keep your child’s skin soft, supple, and healthy, it’s imperative that you develop a regular skincare routine using the right products.



The Right Products for Babies and Children


Using adult skin care products on an infant, toddler, or child is not recommended. Many commercial products on the market contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that can be irritating to your child’s delicate skin. Always choose products that are hypoallergenic and all-natural. Choosing organic products is also a plus, as it prevents your little one from being exposed to pesticides.


Bathe Your Baby in a Gentle Cleanser


There is a debate about how often one should bathe their child. While many agree that every day bathing is fine, others recommend every-other-day bathing to allow the natural bodily oils to replenish themselves. How often you bathe your child is entirely up to you, but you should always use an a gentle, all-natural baby wash that’s formulated for delicate skin. Other products might be too harsh and can even cause contact dermatitis and other skin irritations.

Daily Moisturizing

After bathing your child, it’s best to moisturize the entire body. Use a mild moisturizing lotion like Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Lotion. This formula is great for sensitive skin and can be used to keep the skin soft and supple. For skin that needs a little more moisture, Mummy’s Miracle Baby Butter is a thicker formula that’s suitable for dry skin.


An all-natural baby oil may be used for infant massage and to add additional moisture. Just be sure to stay away from products containing mineral oil and other petroleum-based ingredients.

Be Vigilant About Your Child’s Skin


Whenever you bathe your child, check the skin folds (behind the ears, inner elbows, behind the knees, and in any “rolls”) for rashes, redness, or irritation. If you find that these areas are especially dry or irritated, gently cleanse them, and then add an all-natural baby ointment to create a protective barrier on the skin and to promote healing with vitamins A and D. All-natural baby ointments can also be used to heal dry, cracked, or chafed skin, and to protect skin from the elements when you’re out and about. Dry lips or skin around the mouth can be treated with all natural lip balms formulated for babies and children.

Protect Your Baby’s Bottom


While potty-trained children don’t typically get diaper rash, a baby’s bottom comes into contact with bodily fluids daily. It’s especially important that you do your best to keep this area clean and dry. Change your baby’s diaper regularly. If you notice diaper rash, you can use a baby ointment to create a moisture barrier, and an all-natural baby powder to absorb some of the extra moisture and protect your baby’s behind.


Taking care of your child’s skin should be a priority during your baby care routine. Not only does regular cleansing and moisturizing promote bonding, but it also ensures that your child’s skin cells are protected. This is an easy way to keep your baby’s skin as soft as the day she was born.


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