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5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself Post-Partum

5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself Post-Partum

By Mummy's Miracle | | after pregnancy, motherhood, post partum health, post partum weight loss, pregnancy, weight loss

As a mother, you know first-hand what it's like to be a new mom. Between sleep depravity and the regular stresses of life, the mom life isn't as glamorous as celebrities often make it out to be. When it comes to getting back to your old self after bearing a child, knowing where to begin can seem confusing and hopeless. Fortunately, today you're going to learn how to start. After all, finding time to take care of yourself post-partum is good for both you and baby because when you look good, you feel good.


Set attainable goals.

First and foremost, as a mom, time-management is important. If your daily goal is to take a shower and shave your legs, then so be it! A new mom has a lot on her plate, so it's best to take everything one step at a time. When setting goals for yourself, make them realistic.

If you're setting goals for post-partum weight loss, keep in mind that patience is key. It can be done, yes, but it's going to take time. The experts agree that one pound per week is a safe bet and if you're breast-feeding, will not affect your milk supply.

Give your body the nutrition it needs.

Having a baby can take a lot out of you—literally. The best way to get your energy levels back up is by fueling your body with nutritious, filling foods. A low-calorie diet is not going to give your body what it needs to optimally function, especially after creating a human life. Diets do not work. Lifestyle changes do.

With that said, you need to eat nutritiously to help your body get back in shape. Workouts will also help to boost your energy levels and metabolism; not to mention, help you lose that baby weight. If you're breastfeeding, you'll need even more sustenance, so speak to your doctor about ideal caloric intake based on your body.

In general, a diet that's well-balanced (including protein, fruits and vegetables, as well as complex carbs) and high in vitamins and minerals is best for your changing body. Foods high in antioxidants are an added bonus. Moringa Leaf Powder, which you can sprinkle in drinks, on food, or in tea, contains over 40 antioxidants, and is an easy way to get the extra vitamins that your body needs. Speak with your doctor before consuming Moringa while breastfeeding.

Stay hydrated.

This is great advice no matter what, but it's especially important after having a child. Your body just created life and it needs water to function properly. Even if you aren't nursing, water is crucial for recovery.


While some people suggest sports drinks and electrolyte waters, but regular water will suffice, as long as you're eating properly. We get most of our electrolytes from the food that we eat. Sports drinks often contain loads of sugar which could leave you feeling worse.

Take care of your skin.

High progesterone levels during pregnancy may have led to breakouts, oily skin, and other skin issues. Even after pregnancy, your hormone levels are trying to balance out, so your skin may not be what it once was. Staying hydrated is one of the most important measures to take when caring for your skin, but there are other ways, too.

For tired, puffy eyes, cucumber treatments or a cold ice pack can help relieve the swelling. Washing your face with cold water in the morning could also help close the pores and alleviate some of the puffiness associated with sleep depravity.


For stretch marks, a high-quality stretch mark oil can help reduce the appearance of your stripes. Just rub the oil onto your stretch marks after a shower and use as often as possible, at least two times per day. Over time, you should notice the stretch marks lighten up.

For dry, loose skin, an all-natural anti-aging moisturizer used twice daily can keep skin nice and supple. If your skin is dry, an oil will provided much-needed moisture to nourish your skin.


Set aside a product basket for you and baby.

A small bucket, tub, or basket filled with items to look and feel your best is a great way to make it easier to take care of yourself after giving birth. Fill the tub with items like chapstick, nail polish, a brush, hair ties, dry shampoo, and nipple balm. Add items for baby, too, so that they're easily accessible. Items like diapers, baby powder, diaper ointment, and wipes are ideal. Keep this basket nearby, and you'll never feel like you're rushing around looking for what you need.


When it comes to life after giving birth, listen to yourself. The most important thing about post-partum health is how you feel. Finding time to take care of yourself is incredibly important to your overall well-being and, believe it or not, the well-being of your child. After all, when you feel your best, you can be the best you that you can be—and that's what you and your baby deserve.

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