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5 Tips to Get Your Kids Eat Healthy

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Eat Healthy

By Angela Ilagan | | healthy eating, healthy food for kids, how to make your kids eat vegetables, Parenting, Vegetables for kids

When it comes to food, kids can be picky eaters. It's even harder to convince kids to eat veggies. They might eat it at first, but eventually stop consuming them and prefer sweets or other dishes instead.

Though most parents want their kids to eat healthily, unfortunately, it's going to be trial and error because we're really not sure how to let them eat.

And most of the time, we either force them or scare them just so they can eat — this only affects them negatively in the future. So, if you want to have your kids eat healthy without going through an emotionally fraught, here are tips you can start doing:

1. Set a good example

Kids normally follow the behavior of the people they see. So, lead by a good example. You can't force your kids to eat veggies when they are the only ones eating them. And it's hard to eat veggies when they even see their parents not enjoying their meals. It's even better to expose your little ones to a wide array of healthy dishes, not just vegetables. Show them that you're enjoying your vegetables too. And don't forget to compliment them when they choose to eat healthily. 

2. Offer them healthy choices 

No one wants to be forced, even kids feel better when you give them the freedom to make their own choices. Though as a parent we know what's best for them, however creating a culture of emotional fraught will likely just harm them. 

Instead of forcing them, try to be creative by providing them with healthy choices. Involve them in making their choices. So, instead of commanding them about eating Kale, why not ask them to choose between kale, spinach, or broccoli instead? And you may want to educate them a little bit about what these vegetables do to our body — they will learn something new as well. 

3. Nutrition starts early 

When it comes to nutrition, you should start feeding kids at an early stage. Nutritionists recommend introducing healthy food aside from breast milk or formula for babies 6 months old as long as it's mashed. Over the next months, your little one can move on from mashed or minced foods to chopped food as long as those healthy food are still soft. 

4.Don't hide the veggies in their meal 

No one wants to be tricked anyway, especially kids. They want to be treated and respected as a grown-up who can do a thing on their own. So, it's better if we exposed them to the facts of healthy eating and encouraged them to make a better decisions. Instead of hiding the veggies in their meal, just mixed the vegetables in their meal and show them.   

5. Make sure to keep healthy foods available 

It's easy to eat unhealthy food when it is just right in the fridge or pantry. So instead of piling your kitchen with sugary drinks, chocolates, sweets, and chips — stock more greens and fruits. Make healthy foods available so that when they look for anything to snack on, what they will see are loads of healthy food — nuts, low-fat yogurts, fruits, bags of berries, dried fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, overnight oatmeal, and other healthy choices. 

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