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5 Tips To Stay On Track This Holiday Season

5 Tips To Stay On Track This Holiday Season

By Angela Ilagan | | Christmas, holiday weight gain, how to avoid weight gain, how to stay on track during the holiday, weight gain

Holiday weight gain is real. 

Our tendency to splurge into so much food over the Holidays is just common and natural. Besides, it's too difficult to miss out on our favorite food during this season.  It's definitely our cheat day. That's why it's no longer surprising that some of us will gain some extra pounds. 

Hence, there's no wrong to enjoy and savor the food during Christmas and New Year. It's been our custom and bonding with our loved ones. The problem only lies when we stuff ourselves with too much food. Not to mention the fact that we become more sedentary during the holiday season. 

Plus the fact that we might also have gained weight during the pandemic. 

Can you relate? If yes, then it's time to take some action. Here's how we can stay on track during the Holiday to avoid the threat of gaining extra pounds.

1.Stop eating when you've had enough 

It's easy to get so caught up with stuffing ourselves during this time. In that case, mindful eating is the key.  Of course, it's nearly impossible to ignore sumptuous dishes especially when you prepared all of those. You deserved it anyway. I know Christmas preparation is too stressful and chaotic for you as a mom. So, don't need to feel guilty. 

Just make sure that you control yourself. Perhaps you can limit it to a few servings instead of eating the whole piece. Or try using smaller plates over big ones so you can downsize food portions. This way, you can trick your mind at least. This might work, why not? 

2.Drink more water 

I know someone who used to drink one glass of water before eating not just over the holiday but almost every time. When I ask why she normally says this is her way to avoid overeating. Her strategy makes sense. Why? Because when you drink water before you eat something, it somehow sorts of fills you up. That way, you'll gonna feel less hungry which will result in a lack of desire to overindulgence. 

On top of that, you normally drink less when you're too busy cooking while taking care of your baby. This might leave you dehydrated. So, drink up water.

Anyways, drinking enough water can relieve headaches and brighten your mood as well. Plus the fact that your skin will look fresher in photos. 

3. Go for something healthier 

Don't skip the greens and colorful fruits during the holiday. Food rich in fiber can prevent weight gain. So, make sure that your dinner table and refrigerator aren’t full of high-calorie, high-sugar, and high-fat food. 

And make sure you add Moringa recipes for Christmas to make your Christmas dinner a lot healthier. 

4.Cut back on Alcohol 

Aside from eating high-calorie food, drinking excessive alcohol is also another cause for weight gain — as alcohol consumption can make you even more hungry which may lead to poor food choices. 

5. Sit less and stay active 

There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a break, you need to take some time off by all means anyway. However,  being a couch potato and living a sedentary lifestyle for the entire day or two to weeks during the holiday break is a different case. 

You might have been planning to catch up on movies and series. It's fine as long as we don't remain seated for a long period of time. 

Aside from that, you know that sitting down all day won't help with digestion and can contribute to gaining extra pounds. So, get out and take a stroll over your neighborhood. On a positive note, staying active is also a great bonding time with the whole family. And more than that, this can lessen your stress. Just be careful since Omicron is looming. Let's stay safe and healthier while enjoying the holiday. 

Love + miracles,



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