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6 Ways for Self Care for Mom

6 Ways for Self Care for Mom

By Mummy's Miracle |

As a Mom, our job is never-ending. Whether you are a new Mom or a Mom of four. It can become a little overwhelming with multiple tasks, and balancing life. Remember, just as important as it is to take care of your family, it is also just as important that you take the time to take care of yourself as well. We want to give you a few tips on self-care as a Mom.

1. Have another Mom to turn to.

We all have our own Mom's to call for things, but have another mommy friend you feel completely comfortable venting to. Whether it be to trade mommy tips, or you just had one of those days with the kids. If you're married, your spouse is always open ears. But having another Mom who is open ears, is always good as well. Somethings that you think you are alone on, you are necessarily not.

2. Schedule Date Nights 

One thing as parents, that can be hard is spending time together. Most of your activities together include the kids. It doesn't have to be something big, but make sure that you spend time together just you two. Go to a restaurant, where you don't normally take the kids. Spending time together outside of your children is important for your relationship and a great way of self-care as a mommy.

3. Get Enough Sleep 

It's so easy to get caught up trying to get as much done, while the house is quiet and everyone is sleep. But Alon Y. Avidan M.D., MPH, the Director of UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, cautions moms not to skimp on sleep. ".So learn to use that time, after the kids are sleep, to relax your body and get yourself prepared for bed. Use that last hour before bed for relaxing activities, for example reading a book instead of scrolling on Facebook.  

4. Working Out 

Most hear this and think I barely have time to eat less known workout. As a Mom, we have to learn to make the time to not only take care of mental health but our physical health. If you're worried about the kids, most fitness facilities have Day Cares, that are free while you workout. Maybe get the stroller out, and take a walk with the baby. Youtube even has workout videos, you can do right along with your kid. So let's not use any more excuses as a mom on why we can not lose weight.

5. Make Time For You.

As a mom, the most alone time that we probably get is going to the bathroom. Even then we have someone knocking on the door trying to disturb those few minutes of peace. So set time out, that's just for you and uninterrupted. Put yourself on the to-do list! Schedule a coffee date for yourself after morning drop off, go get your nails done, or dinner with friends. Just take the time to remind yourself that you are more than just a mom.

6. Remember that you are not superwoman.

Sometimes as a Mom, we want to make sure that we have it all together. We will stretch ourselves so thin. We will volunteer for all types of school events, risk sleep, and sometimes forget to eat. All for the love of our children, and yes we would do anything for our children, but remember you can not be the best mom if you are not your best self! This especially important for new moms, who can suffer from postpartum. It's okay to not be okay, seek the help that you need to be the best you. Your kids don't need a perfect mom, but they do deserve a mentally healthy one.

So do not forget to practice self-care, In some type of form. Mom's have one of the most amazing jobs there is, and that's giving birth and helping raise another human. It can be full of joy, and days of frustration. Just remember to take care of yourself, so you can be the best Mom to your kids!


Love + miracles,



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