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5 Ways To Make Bath Time Fun & Easy

5 Ways To Make Bath Time Fun & Easy

By Cody Barnes |

Every once in a while, or maybe all the time your little one may develop “the bath time blues”. For some moms saying the word or phrase “bath time”, doesn’t always go over well.

Even though these baths may not happen every day, those 2 to 3 times a week seem to come quickly for mom, especially if baby dreads the water.

Well, fear no more, here are 5 ways to make bath time fun and easy.


  • As you may already know, babies get cold very easily. Before you even get your little one in the bathroom, get the room all nice and toasty. 75 - 80 degrees F. is perfect! You could even let the shower run and steam up the room, in addition to filling up the tub and getting towels and all necessary supplies. 


  • 2. TOYS!

  • You can never bring in too many toys. Okay, so don’t fill every inch of the tub with toys, but 4 or 5 different distractions will be very helpful.  Anything to keep your baby busy and not focused on their bath time fears or crankiness.



  • Even though you may be ready to upgrade, your little one may not. Going from your baby’s little tub or the kitchen sink to the bathtub can be a scary transition. Start by putting your baby into their regular little tub and placing that tub into your empty bathtub. You can also try putting your little one into your empty bathtub with their toys. Stay by their side and see if they are even interested in playing in the tub. As a helpful safety tip, be sure to lay a dry towel on the bottom of your tub before placing your baby in there with their toys.  Lastly, if all else fails, take a bath with your little one. Showing them that mommy feels safe and happy in the water, so they should too. Again remember, however, that the water temperature should be set to baby’s standards, not yours.



  • Don’t begin to just wash that hair right away. Let your baby have some fun and get comfortable. Have you heard of moringa for babies? Give your little one a bath that will soothe and replenish their sensitive skin with Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Shampoo And Wash. Better yet, check out Mummy’s Miracle Heavenly Bundle and discover the miracle in all moringa products. Make rinsing your baby easier too with installing a shower hose and placing a visor on their head.


  • As bath time draws to a close, make sure to not pull that plug while your little one is still in the tub. That sound of water rushing down the drain and small current it creates may scare them. Remember back when you were this little, anything that your little brain couldn’t understand was scary. Imagine how they must feel.   

    Love + miracles,



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