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5 Ways to Strengthen Skin Barrier

5 Ways to Strengthen Skin Barrier

By Angela Ilagan | | all natural beauty, all natural skincare, gentle cleanser, skin, Skin barrier, skin health, ways to strengthen and maintain skin barrier

Since our skin is the largest organ in the body, there's no doubt why we need to give the care it deserve.

Unknowingly, we put our skin through a lot. We go overboard with exfoliation, harsh products, over cleansing, and too much make-up — not to mention the environmental factors that wreak havoc on our skin as well.

With all of these barrages of skin threats, there's no surprise why we can't achieve that hydrated glowing skin. It's because our skin barrier is already damaged and needs repair.

So, what is the skin barrier?

Our skin barrier, also known as the "acid mantle" or "moisture barrier" is the topmost layer of our skin. When it gets damaged, your skin will be dry, discolored, dehydrated, flakey, irritated, acne prone, inflamed,+ at risk of skin infection, and might lead to other skin issues.

Now, the most important question is how we can strengthen our skin barrier. Or once it's damaged, can it still be repaired?

Here's the good news, based on skin experts, as long as the damage is mild, it can still repair itself over time. However, it's better to consult your dermatologist to know the severity of the problem.

Nevertheless, let's focus on the point that our skin can be fixed and will soon heal itself along with proper actions. Once our skin gets better, it's important to maintain a healthy barrier. With that, here are ways we can strengthen our moisture barrier.

1. Avoid over-exfoliation and get rid of skin care with chemical ingredients

Since your skin is still in its healing form, skin experts suggest avoiding using any chemical products as well as exfoliation. And don't even over-exfoliate. Moreover, skip using any skincare with chemical ingredients which include the use of AHA, BHAs, retinol, and vitamin C in the meantime.

2. Skip using a harsh cleanser

Using a harsh cleanser will do more harm than good. So, how to know if you're using the wrong cleanser for the skin?

Here's a rule of thumb, once it's not gentle on the skin, go ahead and eliminate it from your skincare routine.

We recommend our Moringa Cleanser as it's mild and won't strip off your skin's natural oil. And the best part? It's natural and contains a good amount of nutrients for your skin to absorb.

3. Avoid washing your face and body with hot water

Even if it's cold, skin experts suggest skipping hot showers as they melt natural lipids in our skin. Once these skin lipids melted away, our skin will become more dehydrated.

Plus, taking a cold shower has been shown to have a positive effect on our overall health, can boost our immune system, and is even key for healthy skin.

4. Keep away from using too many products or changing your skincare too often

Not because social media influencers are putting tons of skincare products on their skin doesn't mean it will create the best results. Most of the time, it leads to skin barrier damage.

Dermatologist keeps on reminding us only to use the necessary skincare that is effective and will give us the desired result.

5. Better lifestyle

What we eat, how much we drink, how long we sleep, and our daily activity matters. Never neglect these simple lifestyle checks.

Always ask yourself these questions:
Am I eating nutritious food on a daily basis?
Am I drinking enough water?
Do I stay active?
Do I get enough sleep every day?

If your answer is no, then there's no skincare product that can give you that healthy glow. Because skin always starts from feeling healthy within.

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