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6 Incredible Reasons to Hug Your Child More Everyday

6 Incredible Reasons to Hug Your Child More Everyday

By Angela Ilagan | | benefits of cuddling, benefits of hugging kids, hug, reasons to hug your kids, why we need more hugs?

There is perhaps no other form of relief as effective, convenient, and as priceless as a hug.

The warm feeling we get when we embrace someone is so powerful and therapeutic that it can invoke feelings of comfort and happiness. And surely, during tough times, a simple hug can do wonders.

And it doesn't matter how old or young we are, as social beings, we all crave a hug. There is even a saying that we need at least 8 hugs a day. Even kids need it. In fact, hugging actually plays a vital role in kid's health and development.

Health benefits of hugging your child

Remember the first time you hug your child? You probably still can't forget the feeling and healing it brings to you. Nothing can compare to it.

But besides the comfort and warm feeling, hugging has tons of health benefits to us adults and our kids. Let's dive into the many scientific and positive effects of hugging your kids.

1. Boost immune system

Now that pandemic puts a spotlight on the importance of the immune system, there's no better time than today to boost your child's immunity. And mind you, hugging can help.

As the result of a scientific experiment, the kids who happens to receive the most hugs were not as likely to get sick as those who received fewer hugs.

2. Good for the brain

Skin-to-skin contact and hug play a crucial role in a newborn baby's mental development. It's because these little ones first learn how to discover the essentials of living through senses, more specifically our sense of touch which is the first sense to develop. That is why a simple physical touch can provide sensory stimulation for the development of a young brain.

In one study conducted by researchers, they have learned that kids who received more hugs have significantly had better brain development.

The power of touch will not just benefit newborn babies, as our kid grows they still need continuous physical affection.

3. Essential for child's physical growth

Hugs are not just beneficial to a child's mental state, but studies have also shown that physical touch can also help kids grow. Some researchers have also even learned that kids who are touch-deprived were more likely to experience growth deficiency. This means that even if the child has normal nutrient intake, their growth might still be hampered.

Our love hormone called Oxytocin is one of the reasons for better growth cycle. Whenever we received an affectionate touch or a nurturing hug, our bodies release more oxytocin, which is an important factor in the growth process.

4. For improved health and can decrease inflammation

Hugging can be a form of therapy. Just like laughing, a nurturing hug can aid in the healing process and can help decrease inflammation. It even helps to heal wounds faster.

Again, Oxytocin is one of the reasons why a good hug is associated with better health. This hormone has a lot of health benefits which includes strengthening our body's immunity to fight off diseases, infection, and colds. Oxytocin has been also found with analgesic effects in a study conducted in London. This leads to lesser pain ratings and lower intensity.

5. Help stop tantrums

Just a good tip: whenever your kid throws a tantrum, hug them in a way that is not forceful. A warm hug can do miracles for a crying kid.

Both kids and adults are almost the same, we sort of emotionally lose our control at times. Remember how you felt calm and secure after a warm and fuzzy hug from someone you love? This goes the same with children.

The warm sensation this embrace brings can help also help kids regulate their emotions and lead them to a calmer state. Not to mention the fact that we feel more loved and affection when we received a hug.

6. Natural stress reliever

A hug is definitely a natural and cheap stress buster. Aside from toys or sweets, a hug is the most convenient and doesn't even cost a dime in improving your kids' mood.

In addition to the many positive things that Oxytocin does to our bodies, this hormone also plays a huge part in reducing stress, loneliness, and anxiety. Our bodies release more oxytocin when we are being hugged which can enhance our mood.

So when you find yourself and your kid getting stressed out, a simple hug can help melt stress away.

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