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6 Mistakes to Avoid During Bathtime

6 Mistakes to Avoid During Bathtime

By Jennifer Athey | | babies, How to Parental Tips, parents

We want to make sure our baby is thoroughly clean after a long day of feeding, changing diapers, and other messy daily occurrences. Many of us turn to nightly bathing sessions to get the job done. Bath time is one of the most joyful times parents can have with their little ones. It gives us a chance to give our babies new experiences to new, delightful sensations and explore their bodies. Bath time with your infant seems pretty straight forward, right? Wash, play, and dry off! However, there are some common mistakes new parents might make. Read our 7 mistakes to avoid during bath time.

Baby bathing

1. You bathe your baby too often

Washing your baby too often can irritate and dry out their supple and sensitive skin. Pediatricians recommend washing your baby 2-3 times a week, at most. Use baby wipes at the end of the day to remove any germs or dirt in between baths. Make sure to clean your baby's essential vital areas, such as their navel, private parts, and bottom. If you're dealing with an extra messy situation like diaper blowout, then you should definitely wash up ASAP!


2. Not testing the water temperature 

Always, always, always check the water temperature before bathing your baby! The water shouldn't be too cold or too hot. Use a bath thermometer to make sure the water is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, you can check by using your elbow. The water should feel tepid and warm, not burning hot or freezing cold.


3. Getting distracted

Never leave your baby unattended while bathing, not even to check your phone or answer a phone call. Babies are delicate and fragile. Babies can drown without being submerged under the water. When too much water goes into their nostrils and developing airways, they may be unable to cough out the water and suffocate. Make sure bathtime is both fun and safe for you and your little one.
Ways to Prepare For Bathtime:

  • Dedicate a set amount of time solely for bath time
  • Enable Do Not Disturb mode on your phone
  • Have your baby bath wash and other bathing supplies within hands reach before getting started

4. Using too much water

Filling up the tub with warm water may seem like a good idea to keep your baby warm. Babies are easily susceptible to colds if their body temperature isn't maintained. However, using too much water creates a higher risk for drowning. When bathing infants, experts suggest filling up the tub two or three inches high with water. For older infants and toddlers, the suggested amount of water is around four to five inches.  

5. Using the wrong baby products

It's necessary to use products appropriate for your baby's skin. Always use bathing products made for babies. Your baby's sensitive skin cannot handle the harsh ingredients found in shampoos and soaps made for older children and adults. Opt for all-natural baby products and fragrance-free items

Things to Avoid in Baby Shampoos and Washes:

  • Overly scented products, which contain harsh synthetic chemicals
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sulfates

6. Not rinsing off all the shampoo and bubbles

There may be shampoo or bubble bath residue left on your baby after bath time is over. If not properly rinsed off, it may dry and irritate your baby's skin, especially their scalp. Make sure to wash it off thoroughly! You can pour a small bowl or cup full of fresh, warm water to over your baby to make sure there are no leftover bubbles or suds. Not rinsing off all the shampoo and bubbles


7. Missing spots while drying off

Make sure your baby is totally dried off before applying baby oil and baby lotion. Use a firm flat surface to support their head and neck while drying them off. It's always crucial to provide infants with proper support for their neck and spine.

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