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6 Quick Skincare Routine For Busy Mums

6 Quick Skincare Routine For Busy Mums

By Angela Ilagan |

Hey Mumma! You're probably too busy to even take a nap due to the many responsibilities you have on your hand, but we hope that you can still squeeze in some time for the essential type of skincare despite your busy schedule.

And mind you, a skincare routine doesn't need too much time and you don't need to overwhelm your face with so many beauty products.

Simple and quick skincare will do the trick as long as your using the right product on your skin and more importantly, you're giving your body the nutrition it needs.

True enough, skincare is more than skin deep. With that, here are 6 simple and quick skincare routines you should never forget even with your busy schedule.

1. Don't skip cleansing

Remember to wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night as cleansing removes impurities in your skin to give you that fresh look.

This facial cleanser from Miracle in the Green is a perfect gentle cleanser as it washes impurities. Plus, without stripping your skin.

This cleanser is packed with Moringa and aloe vera which are rich in Vitamin A, C, and E. This combination will make your skin glowing and look young.

2. Don't forget to Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin is also essential to keep your skin looking refreshed and hydrated. On top of that, using a good moisturizer for your skin will prevent you from developing extreme oiliness and dryness.

Want to achieve that healthy glow and dewy look without putting too much skincare product on your skin? Try our Moringa Oil.

One simple beauty product, but can do triple benefits. You can use it for your face, hair, and even nails.

3. Apply Sunscreen

Put sunscreen all over your skin, not only when going to the beach but daily — more important when going out in the sun.

Your skin will definitely thank you later for using sunscreen. Sunscreen helps protects your skin from blocking harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen also reduces premature signs of aging.

4. Keep your skin hydrated

Make sure to drink plenty of water daily, especially in the daytime. Drinking water won't just hydrate your skin and give you a glow, it will even help reduce constant headaches.

New moms must sip water regularly to avoid the risk of dehydration since lactating mothers are more at risk to get dehydrated.

5. Eat your way to healthier and more radiant skin

Food packed in nutrients, good fats, and antioxidants can do more than make you healthy. And food rich in vitamin C can make your skin glow, help clear your skin, and even promotes collagen production. It can even combat premature signs of aging and can give you that youthful glow.

6. Use baby products

Forget about that expensive lip balm brand, the nipple balm you're using right now can do many wonders for your chapped and dry lips.

Try our Mummy's Miracle nipple and lip balm for your soar nipples and chapped lips.

Love + miracles,



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