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6 Surprising Benefits of Bath Time for Children

6 Surprising Benefits of Bath Time for Children

By Angela Ilagan | | baby skin, Bath time, bath time benefits, bath time benefits for kids, bath time fun, body wash, kid's development, moringa, Moringa body wash, skincare

Splashes and bubbles are fun especially when you see your little one having fun, but it turns out that bath time is loaded with numerous benefits for children's health and development too.

Regardless of age, bath time has numerous benefits. Studies have shown the positive effects of taking a bath, particularly on infants and children.

So, take advantage of your bath time bonding with kids and make it into a fun moment.

Benefits of bath time for children

We know the importance of bathing and washing as it kills germs and prevent infections, illnesses , and other health problems. But is that all there is when it comes to this fun routine for our little ones?

1. For better sleep

Some studies have shown that bath time can be used as an effective way to reduce your baby’s stress levels which results in better nighttime sleep for baby and kids.

⁣⁠The relaxing feeling of skin getting soak in the water — plus seeing and playing with bubbles is a great stress reliever for kids. On top of that, as you play with your kids during bath time, it activates the sense of touch — which brings a calming effect.

2 Helps build parents and child relationship

You might have been too busy with the many things you are in charge of, this gives you little to no time for bonding with them. So, make the most of the bath time. It is a perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and gives them the touch, attention, and sweet memories they need. This way, you can build a better relationship with your kid.

3. A good opportunity to improve kids music skills

No doubt that kids love to sing. And they learn new words better when it's connected with rhymes. So, bath time is a good chance for parents to teach new songs and nursery rhymes to their toddlers. 

4. Help improve kids language skills

Kids doesn't just learn new things in school or every time you read them a bed time story, they can also learn new vocabulary during bath time. This makes learning easier and fun for kids. And you know that kids learn better when they are having fun, right?

5. For better physical, emotional, and cognitive development

Did you know that bath time is in fact vital in your kid's physical, mental, emotional, social, and cognitive development? Yes. It's because almost all senses are involved during bath time.

This makes this special bonding time stimulate your child's brain's development as they focus and have fun in the bathing process.

6. Develop multi-sensory exploration

Bath time is a great way to practice multisensory stimulation that can help your child's mental, physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development since all senses are involved as they bathe. Don't forget to introduce new things and learn.

Moreover, though bath time is beneficial for kids and babies, experts don't recommend doing it daily unless they are too dirty and need a good shower. Three times a week is enough for babies and toddlers.

Moreover, experts don't recommend a use of soap as it might dry out your kid's skin. It's better to use a ultra mild cleanser with natural ingredients. We recommend you trying our Moringa Body Wash & Baby Shampoo & Bubble Bath - Lavender. It is formulated with pure Moringa oil, lavender and other natural ingredient.  It has no petroleum, mineral Oil, lanolin, phthalates or petrochemicals which is super safe for your kids skin. What's more? It's perfect for the whole family. 

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