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10 Winter Tips for Beautiful Skin

10 Winter Tips for Beautiful Skin

By Mummy's Miracle | | beautiful skin, beauty, dry skin, fresh face, winter

The secret to beating the winter blah is finally here. The answer is not one those expensive face peels that sting badly before the results. It’s something a whole lot quicker, easier, painless and cheaper than you thought. Pairing our @mummysmiracle skin care with #oringaa will give you the guts to finally kiss flaky dry skin goodbye. Working it both from the inside and out. Simply put: Change up your beauty routine. Tweak it here and there for genuine mood and beauty boosting effects. Your hair, skin, nails and mood will hug you. You can start looking more like the beauty you were made to be. And of course, you know happiness will follow. For baby - have tried the moringa baby vapor rub. It's moringa and lavender scent will soothe your baby to sleep without harsh chemicals as in most other products.

Tip #1

What’s for breakfast? Cut the junk from your diet. Start healthy. Hydrate first thing in the morning. Add apple cider vinegar or lemon for detox effect.

Tip #2

For Flawless Skin – To sheer out and blend foundation, add a few drops of skin serum such as non-clogging Mummy’s Miracle Baby Oil.

Tip #3

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – The glycerin in Mummy’s Miracle Baby Butter ($12.67), will quench parched skin instantly.

Tip #4

Boosts your circulation – Running, walking or a yoga move (like Downward Dog) also boosts circulation to make your skin radiant.

Tip #5

Greens, Greens, Greens – Can’t say this enough. Load up on chlorophyll. Rejuve those cells with greens. Keeps you looking at least ten years younger. #Oringaa is our top choice of daily greens.

Tip #6

Oil your cuticles – Rub on a few drops of cuticle oil. You can use Mummy’s Miracle Baby Oil. “It hydrates and instantly adds luster,” raves Amy, a celebrity nail artist for New York nails.

Tip #7

Tighten those pores – Splash on skin tightening tonic. Equal parts of baking soda and lemon add up to an effervescent (and pore-tightening) toner.

Tip #8

Mask weekly – A home-made mask before a major event is key. Freshens your skin and keeps it supple. Throw in raw honey, oringaa, tumeric and lemon in a bowl. Keep on face for 30 mins or until dry. Wash off completely.

Tip #9

Eat your last meal at 6pm. That will give your body enough time to digest the food before you hit the sack. Your body can then focus on fixing your beat up body while you rest.

Tip #10

Eat nutrient-packed, belly-filling and heart-healthy foods like avocado. Note: one avocado equals 350 calories. Eat 1/5 at a time.

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