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9 All-Natural Summer Beauty Hacks

9 All-Natural Summer Beauty Hacks

By Mummy's Miracle | | beauty, beauty hacks, summer, summer remedies, sunburn

It’s summer, so it means more time out in the great outdoors. Chances are, you’re regularly on the go, so you’ll need beauty routines that are quick, easy, and efficient. Here are several all-natural ways to combat common summer beauty problems to stay happy and healthy this season.


Implement pure cornstarch or cornstarch-based baby powders into your beauty routine.

Cornstarch can be used for so much more than a thickening agent for stews and sauces. In fact, you can use cornstarch for everything from skincare to hair care and everything in between.


  • Absorb excess oil on hair or skin.
    If you don’t have time to wash your hair, a dusting of cornstarch or an all-natural, fragrance-free cornstarch-based baby powder will absorb the excess oil, leaving your hair looking clean and fresh. If you have a darker colored hair, you can mix the cornstarch or powder with cocoa oil so that it blends more easily. Use a brush to work the powder through your hair.

    For oily skin, keep cornstarch or cornstarch-based baby powder in your purse to soak up any oily patches. You can use it as often as you’d like.

  • Use it as a deodorant.
    Run out of deodorant or want to go the all-natural route? Cornstarch will keep you dry and fresh. Just sprinkle the cornstarch into your hands and rub it into your armpits, groin area, and even under the breasts to keep the area dry. If you like gel-deodorants instead, try mixing it with unrefined, all-natural coconut oil and then rubbing it into the area. If you like a little fragrance, a few drops of lavender oil will add a fresh scent.

  • Create a scented body powder.
    Instead of scented talc-powders, create a safer version with cornstarch or cornstarch-based baby powder. Using perfumes can irritate the skin in the summer, so powders are a better alternative and will also prevent oiliness. To create a scented body powder just use one ounce of cornstarch and twenty drops of your favorite fragrance. Skip the citrus oils, though, as they can increase photosensitivity and cause a nasty sunburn.

  • Prevent thigh chafing.
    Want to wear your favorite shorts or skirt but hate the thought of your thighs rubbing together? Use a little cornstarch or cornstarch-based baby powder in between the thighs to prevent annoying rubbing, irritation, and redness.


Prevent blisters on your feet with all-natural ointments.


It’s sandal season, so it’s important that you pay attention to your feet. A lot of people recommend putting petroleum-based products on your feet when you have a blister or to prevent a blister, but you can get the same results with all-natural ointments and moisturizers. Shea butter, for example, is highly moisturizing and reduces friction that leads to blisters. Shea butter may also reduce the burn of blisters and promote healing.


Smooth hair with an all-natural hair serum.

Chlorine in pools can cause hair to dry out and we all know that dry hair and humidity do not mix because it leads to unwanted frizz! To prevent this, you’ll want to keep your hair properly moisturized. An all-natural hair serum, whether purchased or made using ingredients on hand, is best for combating unsightly frizz. You can create your own anti-frizz serum using nutrient-dense oils. Just blend together four ounces of avocado oil with ½ ounce of jojoba oil, 10 drops of moringa oil, and 20 drops of essential oil for fragrance (skip the citrus, as it increases photosensitivity and might cause sunburn). Just mix all of the ingredients together, pour into a bottle, and smooth it over your hair with your palms for a quick boost of smoothness and shine.


Freeze aloe vera gel for easy sunburn relief.


Pour aloe vera gel into ice cube trays, freeze overnight and then apply to sunburn for a cool, sunburn relief. The ice cubes will cool the skin on contact, the aloe vera will soothe the skin while also moisturizing it.


Combat dry skin after a dip in the pool.


Chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can cause your skin to dry out. That, in combination with sun exposure, leads to extremely dry skin. Combat this by using a highly moisturizing, all-natural, alcohol-free body butter every time you get home from the pool. It will keep your skin nice and moisturized. Remember that moisturized tanned skin lasts longer than dry skin!


These quick, easy summer beauty hacks will keep you comfortable and looking your best all summer long! Don’t forget to stay hydrated!


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