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9 Ways to Know if Your Child is Stressed Out

9 Ways to Know if Your Child is Stressed Out

By Angela Ilagan | | anxiety in kids, Child's health, Parenting, parenting tips, Stress in kids, stressed out kids

Just like adults, kids get stressed out as well. Stress is a part of any situation and transitions even in childhood.

Though stress can be a good thing, anything in excess can negatively affect them.

However, unlike adults, we sort of understand what stress is. This is different from children. Most kids can't understand their feelings and can't express their emotions verbally if they are under too much stress or anxiety.

In fact, when kids are extremely stressed out, they don't always act as we do. That's why as a parent, it's important to spot signs of excessive stress and anxiety in children. In doing so, we'll be able to help them healthily cope with their stress.

Most signs of being under too much stress in children often show up through their behavior or physical changes.

Here are a few warnings signs that your kid might be experiencing anxiety or excess stress;

1. Sudden or increased aggression

Though there are plenty of reasons why kids
behave aggressively, experts say that anxiety and extreme stress can also contribute to it.

If you find your kid showing sudden or increase anger issues, a short temper, throwing an excessive tantrum, or change in behavior, it's best to talk to them or ask for professional help.

2. Decreased or increased appetite

It's normal when adults and kids go into ebbs and flow in appetite. However, it might cause concern when your child suddenly decreases or increase appetite than they normally consume, right?

Although various factors can cause these changes, it's better to rule them out, especially when your kid is also experiencing stomachache, binge eating, and losing appetite.

3. Sleeping disorder

Children experiencing too much stress or anxiety often leads to sleeping disorders just as how adults are. They might experience insomnia, nightmares, bedwetting, and other sleeping issues due to emotional or mental trouble.

4. Moodiness

Sudden or increased irritability, anger, tiredness, or being moody may have caused a concern especially when your kid don't act that way before. If their behavior keeps changing in an instant, it may be due to anxiety or emotional distress.

5. Difficulty concentrating

Lack of concentration isn't always due to ADHD. Children under stress may lack or have difficulty concentrating since they worry a lot. It makes it very hard for them to concentrate in classes.

6. Bedwetting

It might be normal for kids at a young age to bed wet since they are still adjusting. but not if they are old enough.

This may be due to underlying health conditions, anxiety, trauma, insecurities, pressures, or too much concern which can lead to nighttime wetting.

7. Headaches or upset stomach

Ever felt a consistent headache or stomach ache every time you get stressed out? This also goes the same with children.

Most of the time, kids experience headaches before going to school or going to a place with a large crowd, this may be because of the anxiety or trauma-related.

8. Don't want to go to school

Kids who are stressed out in the school environment either due to extreme pressure, changes in school performance, bullying, or other factors may want to stay home and avoid school.

9. Social isolation

When you notice your kids started to withdraw from family and friends, it might be a warning sign to step up and know what's going on. These behavioral changes are probably due to being stressed out and anxious.

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