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Sunday bonding with A-lister celebrity

Sunday bonding with A-lister celebrity

By Mummy's Miracle |

Sundays are always fun! We refer to Sundays as #SundayFoodDay because every Sunday, after church, we go out as a family to eat in a nice restaurant. Capital Grille was the choice yesterday. We were in the middle of a delicious meal, my two girls off to the restroom, when this stunning lady comes to our table, bends over to baby Lota and looks into her eyes with such admiration. She whispers to her, “You are beautiful.” Baby Lota holds out her tiny hand and with pacifier still in tact smiles at this lady. The lady gently takes Baby Lota’s little fingers and says, “I saw your sisters in the restroom and they are beautiful.” In case you were wondering how she knew. We tend to add some spice to our Sundays by matching our clothes as a family on Sundays. The girls were all wearing the same dress, in different sizes of course! Soon enough, we realized this beauty was Patti LaBelle. What a moment! We were so humbled by her gracious gesture to come to our table.



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