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Baby Shower Gifts for an All-Natural Mom to Be

Baby Shower Gifts for an All-Natural Mom to Be

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Eco-Friendly, All-Natural Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Every woman has her own unique parenting style that should be respected when purchasing baby shower gifts. An environmentally-conscious mother who uses only all-natural, sustainable products might not be interested in common baby care brands. If you’re about to celebrate a baby’s upcoming arrival and the mother is an organic, all-natural loving mom, use this guide as a resource to find all-natural baby shower gifts that will benefit both mom and baby.


Cloth Diapers


An environmentally-conscious mama is likely well-aware of the disposable diaper impact on landfills. As a matter of fact, The University of Southern Indiana estimates that a whopping 16 billion diapers end up in landfills every year. Of course, diapers are needed, but there is an alternative.

An all-natural mom who chooses the cloth-diapering route will likely appreciate cloth diapers as a baby shower gift. If you’re not sure of what to get her, there are cloth diaper sampling systems in place so you can purchase several different kinds to help her get a feel for what she likes. In addition to cloth diapers, wet bags (for dirty cloth diapers), diaper sprayers, and all-natural baby laundry detergents make useful gifts.

All-Natural Baby Ointment

Some of the top diaper rash brands on the market contain parabens and other questionable ingredients including talc, sodium borate, and BHA. Parabens, as many of us know, can mimic estrogen in the body and parabens have also been found in breast tumors.

All-natural moms often opt for alternatives to these chemical-laden diaper rash creams. Some women swear by raw, unrefined coconut oil for minor diaper rash, whereas others choose an all-natural ointment to create a protective barrier.

Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Ointment is a super-thick formula that utilizes all-natural Moringa Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamins A & D (from Cod Liver Oil) to soothe and protect the skin. It’s also versatile, so she can use it for her baby’s bottom, but also for dry, chafed, or flaky skin and even some minor skin irritations. It’s a diaper-bag essential for all-natural moms.

Baby Wraps


As much as a new mother wishes she could spend every waking moment cuddling and holding her baby, this is impractical. To allow a mom to spend as much time with her little one while also getting things done, a baby wrap is ideal. Baby wraps allow mom the close-interaction that both she and baby crave while keeping mom’s hands free to get things done, even if it’s just to drink a cup of coffee.


There are all-natural woven wraps and slings on the market, including some made out of hemp or organic cotton.


All-Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo


A mom that chooses the all-natural route will likely choose all-natural baby products for her bundle of joy. An all-natural, soothing baby shampoo and body wash in one is safe and convenient. Choose a wash that’s gentle on skin and contains no harsh ingredients. Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Shampoo and Wash is all-natural, hypoallergenic, and toxin free.


An all-natural baby wash and shampoo is something that mom can also use to wash her face in the morning, as well as to wash her hair and body, especially if she chooses to shower with her baby.

Teething Necklaces


Amber teething necklaces are all the rage. It’s said that when amber is placed against the skin, the natural warmth allows the amber to become a numbing agent.


All-natural moms will benefit from giving their baby one of these necklaces to help them deal with teething discomfort. If you’re worried about choking hazards, choose a necklace that is knotted between each bead.

Nipple Balm


Breastfeeding is beautiful, but in the beginning, it can really hurt. Sometimes, even seasoned moms find themselves wincing in pain! In arid climates, the discomfort becomes even more pronounced, which is why keeping the nipples hydrated with a soothing balm is ideal.


An all-natural nipple cream or balm, like Mummy’s Miracle Nipple and Lip Balm is versatile, as it can be used for lip hydration as well. Choose a thick balm to help sooth pain, irritation, and to heal chapped or sore nipples.

Vapor Rub & Cool-Mist Humidifier

When a baby is in the womb, she is protected from the germs and viruses that we come into contact with. However, once they leave their protective enclosure, they’re exposed to a wide range of germs and viruses. It’s best to be prepared.

An all-natural, safe vapor rub is ideal for any sniffles that your little one might get.

New babies are susceptible to germs and viruses, so it’s best to be prepared. An all-natural, safe vapor rub is ideal for a cough or the sniffles. Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Vapor Rub utilizes lavender and eucalyptus to naturally open the airways and can be used on sensitive skin. Used in combination with a cool-mist humidifier, you can make sure that your baby’s passageways don’t get dry and irritated during a cold.

Baby Lotion or Baby Body Butter


A new baby’s skin can dry out quickly, which is why it’s crucial to keep the skin moisturized. It’s even more critical in arid climates. Mummy’s Miracle makes a chemical-free, eco-friendly baby lotion that’s full of antioxidants. With no harsh ingredients, it moisturizes the skin and is safe for sensitive skin.

Mom will also benefit from an all-natural baby lotion or baby body butter. Lotions can be used for dry skin patches, to create all-natural sunscreen for mom, and even to build collagen, thanks to vitamins A, C, and E.

Light Body Oil


A light, easily absorbed, all-natural moisturizing oil can be used for several different purposes, including infant massage, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and to remove makeup. It can also be used as a massage oil during pregnancy, during labor, or post-pregnancy.

Keep in mind that all-natural moms prefer safe products, free of harsh chemicals. They often look towards eco-friendly, organic brands and sustainable products. If you’re not sure of which products to get, Mummy’s Miracle offers bundles of all-natural products for both mom and baby.

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