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Baby Showers of the Rich & Famous

Baby Showers of the Rich & Famous

By Cody Barnes |

When it comes to throwing an extravagant and unique-themed party, celebrities take the cake. There are no exceptions when it comes to baby showers either, and thanks to their popularity and Instagram we have full access to their magical & fun celebrations.

Here are just a few of those amazing showers these lucky moms got to experience.


Pajama-Themed Baby Shower:

Kim Kardashian celebrated her soon arriving baby with a relaxing pajama party. Serving her guests indoor “glamping” realness, inspired by the classic 1989 Troop Beverly Hills. They ate girl scout cookies and enjoyed hot cocoa. Her sister Kylie Jenner, took this same theme for her baby shower as well. Oh, what a life!

Book-Themed Baby Shower:

Joanna Gaines, star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, created a beautiful setup of a giant stack of books and balloons, giving that perfect picture moment. Her guests by no surprise gifted her baby books to start her boy’s collection.

Former Glee star, Naya Rivera also threw a similarly themed shower, with a classic children’s story, I Love You Forever themed cake.

Safari-Themed Baby Shower

In celebration of her arriving soon baby boy, Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel took to her South African roots and threw a safari-themed party. She decorated with large stuffed giraffes and lions and stuck with a color scheme of orange, blue, and green. So pretty!


Bohemian-Themed Baby Shower

Tia Mowry in celebration of her arriving daughter took to a bohemian-themed shower. She created a beautiful forest dining room area with other wooden accessories, twinkling lights, and pink candles displaying this perfect twilight atmosphere.


African-Themed Baby Shower

This theme was done flawlessly by Beyonce. She had rich colored mixed and matched cloths covering the walls and floors. In addition, to having a buffet style set up for her guests to indulge in the finest African-inspired dishes.

The one we all are waiting to see, Meghan Markle, the stunning Duchess of Sussex, attended a more intimate baby shower in New York City with celebs  Amal Clooney and Serena Williams. Little detail was revealed of her celebration, but I’m sure it was beautiful and elegant.

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