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4 Benefits of Massaging Your Baby.

4 Benefits of Massaging Your Baby.

By Mummy's Miracle |

As a parent, we all want a healthy baby and looking for new ways to help our little miracle grow. From their diets to their skincare, but have you ever thought about the benefits of baby massages?

Now when you hear massage, we most think of going to the spa. No there isn't a baby spa for you to attend, but we are here to help you with giving your baby a massage at home, and the benefits of it.

What is a baby massage?

Now a baby massage is just a gentle, rhythmic, stroking of your hands on your baby's body. You can use oils, and moisturizers, as well as you, give them a massage. The benefits of bonding with your baby, calming a fussy baby, pain relief when sick, and postnatal depression.


One of the most important elements in helping your baby grow is skin to skin contact. Skin to skin just doesn't have to be just you, but a great way for daddy and the baby to bond as well. We don't want dad to miss out on hands-on touch if they work or the baby is breastfed, so adding this to the nightly routine means you get a mommy break, and dad & baby get to bond together. But if dad cannot do it, this is also another great way for you and your child to bond



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As a mom, we all know it can be hard some times to calm a fussy baby down, they can't talk so we are playing the guessing game to figure out what exactly is wrong . Sometimes, all you're thinking about how you've given them their bottle, changed them , and they still can't seem to calm down ! Just like us, babies get restless. A massage is great to relax their little bodies, and for leading them off to sleep. Perfect for those nights, when you feel like you've tried every trick in the book.


When your child is sick, they suffer little aches and pains . Especially if they are running a fever. A massage would be great for their little muscles, so after you give them a warm bath (not too warm) and consult with your doctor if your baby has a fever. After their bath, incorporate a massage as well. May not cure them of their cold, but could help your little miracle sleep a little bit better.



1 out of 9 women , will suffer from Post Patrum depression (PND). Just as stated before skin to skin contact is important for the child's development mentally, physically and emotionally . But most important for mommy, and baby as they bond together. A Child needs love , and affection from their mom. This is an even more important step for a mommy with a premi, even though there are stages building up to this. Either way, this is the perfect way to work on nurturing touch with your baby, which is a great treatment for PND.


 There plenty of benefits to incorporating daily massage into your babies life. So do not be afraid to try something new with your little miracle.


Love + miracles,



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