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Debunking Most Common Self-Care Myths for Mothers

Debunking Most Common Self-Care Myths for Mothers

By Angela Ilagan | | debunking most common self-care myths, self-care, self-care for moms, self-care tips, self-care tips for moms, simple self-care tips

You've almost taken care of everything from your work, a pile of laundry, the mess, the scattered toys — then you'll realize that there's not much time left to do some quality time for yourself. 

Can you relate? 

Well, for most moms, this scenario is pretty much common whether you're working or not and fatigue becomes a constant part of daily life. 

With all the pressures, stress, and chaos, this is where self-care for moms should be in the picture. However, this is a real struggle for moms.

How can you even squeeze in self-care when you're maxed out for time and when your mind is filled with guilt or unnecessary thoughts about it?

Self-care, what is it really?

Self-care is more than going to the spa, getting a new haircut, taking a shower, or sleeping. Yes, pampering yourself is a part of a self-care routine. But, self-care always starts with a mindset and awareness. 

Imagine this, you luckily got some free time over the weekend, so you decided to go to the mall to check out a few clothes or stuff you've been meaning to buy. Then, all of sudden, you've become too worried about leaving your kids temporarily behind. And you become too anxious about what some people might think. So, you lose your peace of mind and just hurried to go back home.

Sadly, you never get the chance to enjoy the moment. Why? Because your thoughts, guilt, and worries get in the way of you to savor the moment of self-care. 

Self-care isn't all about the activities. It's about taking care of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Doing stuff that makes you happy and relieves stress is just part of the self-care routine.

Debunking most common self-care misconceptions

Here are most common self-care misconceptions and myths we need to get rid of:

1. Self-care isn't essential 

As self-care means taking care of your overall wellbeing, then self-care is totally essential. So, get rid of the idea that it's not necessary. 

Getting a massage weekly can be such a piece of good advice but that's just a quick-fix solution. However, doing it once in a while to relieve stress is part of taking care of yourself. 

Take note that you are important. And your well-being is also important. 

2. Self-care takes so much time  

You don't have to devote a day or a week to self-care. What personally makes you happy doesn't always have to be time-consuming anyway unless it's vacation. And traveling doesn't even have to be weekly, isn't it? 

If you can't get rid of this myth, try doing one thing that makes you happy each day. Just one simple thing daily. Consistently devote10-20 minutes of your time to do anything that will give you joy. 

3. Self-care costs a lot of money 

Unplugging for some time, taking a walk, dancing, and listening to relaxing music don't cost a penny. Those are examples of self-care that don't require money. Again, self-care is about improving your overall well-being. With that, a little practice of changing our mindset about self-care will go a long way. 

Besides, there's so much activity you can do without spending so much. Take a warm bubble bath for example. Along with the benefits you'll get from doing it, you'll surely love it too. 

And what's wrong with spending for yourself? You deserve it anyway. Just consider your budget. 

4. Self-care is selfish 

How many times does it ever cross your mind that doing something nice for yourself is a selfish act? 

If your answer is oftentimes or always, then you're not alone. This is one of the most common myths and guilts most parents especially moms have. 

Self-care isn't selfish. It's your investment to yourself. And investment in yourself is a form of investment for the whole family as well. Once you're happy, your kids and your spouse will feel it. They will benefit when you're healthy and happy. It's your obligation to yourself. Denying your needs will make you depleted in just a matter of time. Just remember that it's not just you, but also the people around you who will suffer when we neglect our mental health and wellbeing.

This includes doing even simple things that you used to love doing back when you were not yet a mom — going to the spa, salon, getting your nails done, or whatever it is as long as it creates positivity into your life. That's how you celebrate life. That's how you can serve your family better. Let's start to get rid of these myths and guilts we have about self-care.

Love + miracles,



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