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Are you looking for cool ways to make journalizing fun for your kids? Have you thought about keeping a journal together?


  1. You could write about an experience you both shared and take turns reading the journal entry about that particular event. You can allow your child to choose a topic to write on or you could pick a topic. However, it’s good to have some pointers to guide them in the writing process. You’ll find that your child may have remembered something you missed and vice versa. You can have a list of pointers available:

Your visit to Disney

When we went to Brazil

What I love most about going downtown

What I love most about Sundays

My favorite day of the week,

My best day ever

My best friend

Something special for Mom

Something special for dad

The best camp I ever went to

The best story I ever read

What I love most about my brother/sister/mom/dad

What I love most about my teacher

What I love most about my best friend


  1. Another fun way is to write notes to each other back and forth. Your child will love it when you read what they have written about you and they will be thrilled to read what you have written about them. Resist the urge to over-edit what your child has written. Remember this is from the heart.


  1. You can share stories and poems with each other. In this scenario, there are no pointers but you are leaving it all to your child’s imagination. This can be fun too especially if you have a child that loves to make up stories and characters. If your child does not have this temperament, then you might want to give your child some pointers so as not to frustrate him or her. Remember, the journalizing process has to be fun for them to want to do it.


  1. Share a vision board is a great way to journalize. So first you cut out pictures and place on a board then write about your board. This might take more than a day but your child will love it. It also will be a great way to interact and communicate about something that your child loves. This gives you the parent an insight on some things your child loves and cares about. You get to know your child in a way you probably didn’t know before. Your child gets to write about the things she or he loves. This is a great way to practice writing. Your child gets to practice reading as she or he reads what you have written.


  1. Another way could be to video a daily activity and write about the activity that was recorded. It could be a simple thing such as dinner time or lunch time or a snippet from going grocery shopping. Then going home watching the video and writing about that one snippet. It helps your child learn how to focus on a particular subject without being tempted to write about the entire experience which have not been recorded. That sure sounds like fun.


Keeping a journal with your child is a great way to encourage these important skills without making them seem like work. Your child will be excited when it’s time to journalize.

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