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From Tired  to Supercharged:  9 Energy Boosting Tips For Exhausted Moms

From Tired to Supercharged: 9 Energy Boosting Tips For Exhausted Moms

By Angela Ilagan | | energy boosting tips for moms, health, Moringa

Ever felt like you're running low on energy these days?

It's no longer a surprising to hear moms especially those who have new born babies to feel fatigue due to sleep deprivation. And no matter how many cups of coffee you drink, it won't still help.

Though it's normal to feel ran down, it doesn't mean that you need to go through it all the time. Besides your favorite pick-me-up, there are other ways to gain your energy back fast.

With that, here are simple and natural ways to regain your energy quick you need for the day.

1. Drink plenty of water

Feeling tired? Let water do the trick. Drinking enough water will help boost your body's energy level and get rid of fatigue due to mild dehydration.

2. Get moving

Studies have shown that doing any physical activity increases energy levels. Moving your body helps your heart, muscle, and lungs to work efficiently.

3. Listen to music

According to one study, listening to music while running can perks up your brain, boost your mood, and get rid of fatigue. So, listen to your favorite song, sing your heart out, and go for a run.

4.Eat healthy food and snacks

Let food bring you a quick boost. Food and snacks that contains a high amount of nutrient foods can help stave off exhaustion. This include Moringa, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and green tea.

5. Take a break

It's important to allow yourself to rest because our body needs it. Taking a short rest is enough to refresh you to go through your day. In fact, taking breaks help boost productivity, creativity, boost mental health, improves mood, helps strengthen relationships, and lessen stress.

6. Get your daily dose of sunshine

Go out in the sun. More than the Vitamin D it provides, sun exposure helps our body release serotonin that can help boost your mood, self-esteem, and give you a quick boost.

7. Walk around

Physical activity is something we don't like doing especially when we're running low on energy, however, going for a walk even if you're feeling fatigue is actually more effective than drinking cups of coffee.

Going for a walk help increase oxygen flow in our body, as well as other hormones which can elevate energy levels.

8. Laugh

No wonder why there's a saying that laughing is the best medicine. It's because when you laugh, it stretches facial and body muscle which sends more oxygen to our tissues — this process boost our energy quick.

9.Give Moringa a try

Perk up your tired body and mind with Moringa. This superfood which can be added to your favorite smoothies and meal is effective in beating fatigue due to its rich iron and vitamin A content.

Drinking Moringa powder to give you the desired energy boost maybe more effective than grabbing up your favorite cup of coffee. However, be sure to consult your physician to know if you or your baby isn't allergic to it.

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