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Getting The Nutrition Right In Your Baby's First 1000 Days

Getting The Nutrition Right In Your Baby's First 1000 Days

By Angela Ilagan | | 1000 days of life, baby's first 1000 days, baby's nutrition, Moringa, Moringa for mom's recovery, Moringa for new moms, nutrition, nutrition on baby's 1000 days of life

Your baby's first 1000 days of life play a huge role in molding his overall well-being in the long run.

As the first 1000 day serves as a significant period of your baby's development. Proper nutrition can particularly lessen your child's susceptibility to sickness, malnutrition, and critical illnesses that might occur later in life.

Why your baby's first 1000 days of life is so crucial

To note, the first 1000 days is the period from the first day of your pregnancy until the child’s second birthday. 

Your baby's first to the second year is the period responsible for the development of almost all organs of the body as well as brain development. It's vital in shaping your baby's physical, emotional, and mental capacities as he grows and matures.

Unfortunately, health problems are likely to arise if proper nutrition is not met in the foundation stage. As a result, nutritional deficiencies could suppress the full mental function of your baby.

That's why what the mothers eat and consume in the first 1000 days makes the rest of their infant's life.

A Well-nourished mom means a well-nourished baby

Taking good care of your baby doesn't happen once born. It starts even during the prenatal period. So, it's also important to take a look at your health and nourishment. 

As they say, once you become a mom, you have to take care of your body not just because of yourself but, also for your child's sake. 

So, you have to evaluate these questions:

  • Are you're eating a well-balanced diet? 
  • Are you feeding yourself food rich in vitamins and minerals?
  • Are you getting enough rest?
  • Do you get yourself moving?

Keep in mind that nourishing yourself with good food and supplements as well as proper exercise during your pregnancy is one of the best ways to nourish your baby.

Remember that your child draws nutrients from their mother while they were still in the womb. This is why undernourished mothers can result in a baby’s malnourishment as well.

With that in mind, your diet should include food rich in iron, calcium, fiber, magnesium, protein, as well as folic acid.

What food you should incorporate into your diet?

Don't opt for high fat and high-calorie food during and after pregnancy. Instead, choose superfood! Adding superfoods to your diet can boost your body and your infant's health.

Thus, if there's one particular superfood you must include, Moringa is on the top list.

Moringa Oleifera has been scientifically proven to be a superfood. A wonder supplement rich in vitamins and minerals which is generally safe for you to consume. It is loaded with a wide array of nutrients.

Folic acid, potassium, calcium, and Iron are among the few key nutrients found in consuming Moringa.

Based on studies, Moringa contains a very high amount of fiber, Vitamin A, C, E, a good chunk of magnesium, calcium, potassium, protein, and even fiber. These nutrients are so important in a mother who just gave birth. 

On top of that, Moringa also helps the body to recover quickly as it replenishes the lost nutrients during your pregnancy period. With Moringa, it's just like eating all of the needed nutrients you and your baby need.


Moringa is an all-natural supplement, so, there’s no reason not to try it out!


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