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Gift Ideas for New Moms

Gift Ideas for New Moms

By Angela Ilagan | | gifts for new moms, Mother's day, mother's day gifts, Mother's day ideas, practical gifts

Who can understand the pain that a woman has to go through to be a mother?

Imagine the labor pain a new mom has to withstand. It's probably one of the worst pains of her life. Not to mention the sleepless nights and emotionally-draining task after giving birth.

So, it's it's important to make use of Mother's Day as an opportunity to splurge yourself even if you're just a new mom. Keep in mind that this special event only occurs once a year. That's why you have to make this Mother's Day more special. You deserve to give yourself some love and appreciation. Award yourself some self-care, go to the salon, or perhaps you can gift yourself something practical or whatever you've been eyeing to buy. With that, here are few gift ideas for different kinds of moms.

Gift for new moms

Let's face it, nursing a baby is a tough job. Gifting a new mom with items that will make her life easier will be such a good idea, isn't it?

It's best to choose gift for her that will make the transition to being a mother smoother and less-trouble.

And since new moms normally experience sore and painful breast due to breastfeeding, why not choose a natural balm?

We highly recommend our Moringa nipple balm. Note that when it comes to nipple balm, natural ingredients are second to none. This product gives new moms peace of mind due to it's safety for kids and it's effectiveness.

Gift mom her glow and youthful look again

Each moms skin needs an extra TLC. So, send every mom in your life gifts that will bring back her glow and will give her the much needed self-care.

She’ll love our Revitalizing Moringa Oil for its anti-ageing powerhouse. Moringa effectively reduces both visible and underlying premature signs of ageing.

In fact, this Moringa oil is super rich in anti-oxidants which our skin needs and has anti-inflammatory properties; it also effectively boosts the skins collagen production. Regular use leaves skin with a healthy glow.

On top of that, this Moringa Oil works the skin. It's even perfect for nourishing hair and nails.

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