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Healthy Hair Care for Black Woman

Healthy Hair Care for Black Woman

By Angela Ilagan | | afro hair, black hair, black woman hair, Hair, healthy hair, textured hair

Our hair says a lot about our personality, identity, and culture. It is unique, just as we all have different hair structures and textures — and so as people of color is unique of its own.

Black people have larger hair follicles which makes the hair appear denser and much thicker. Moreover, it is more fragile and even more prone to damage, dryness, breakage, hair thinning, and hair loss — due to heat, super tight hairstyles, dreadlocks, and even hair chemicals — this makes black women more prone to a certain type of hair loss called Traction alopecia.

But don't fret, with proper hair care, you can lessen the damage and improve your hair quality. Here are a few tips to maintain healthy hair :

1. Wash your hair less

Due to the hair structure, black people's hair tends to be a bit dry when they wash it too frequently. So, to prevent your hair from looking too dry, hair experts suggest you wash it at least once or every other week instead.

2. Make sure to use hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is our best friend to lessen hair breakage and dryness.

+Using a hair conditioner can help protect hair strands from environmental hazards and damage from styling tools.

3. Wash gently 

Make sure that when you wash your hair, your giving it a gentle stroke as you massage your hair scalp thoroughly.
Giving your hair a massage can help remove dead skin cells, lessen product buildup, and may help stimulate hair growth. And another tip from hair experts, don't rub your your hair vigorously, instead blot it with a soft and clean towel. 

4. Hydrate your hair 

We love hair moisture. Since black hair tends to get dry, we need to add more moisture to it. So, it's important to hydrate your hair.

We recommend Moringa oil as it helps lock in hair moisture. Plus, it's rich in Vitamin C, A, E, and other nutrients which is best for healthy hair care. And this is our all-time favorite due to its many benefit for hair, skin, nails, and even lips. . 


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