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Giving Hugs to Children is Important and Mums Need it Too

Giving Hugs to Children is Important and Mums Need it Too

By Angela Ilagan | | Health, Hug and health, Hugs, Importance of hugging, why moms need a hug

Sometimes all it takes is just a warm embrace to wash your stress away.
Though we all have a different way of distressing — either through food, music, rest, or doing a specific activity — a hug can be so powerful too. However, we often underestimate the power of a hug, not knowing that this simple act of touch has a huge number of benefits.

And truth is, a hug normally takes only 10 seconds, but its effect can last forever.

Amazing benefits of a hug 

It's universally comforting to receive and give a hug. It creates in us a "feel-good" feeling, it brings healing, puts a smile on our faces, and even makes us healthier, according to studies. This is probably why Virginia Satir, author and family therapist, said that “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth”.

Give more hugs today. Keep scrolling to know the amazing benefits of a hug.


1. Hugs may help reduce stress 

Hugs may help reduce stress If I had known the power of a hug back when I was younger, I would have probably showered my mom and friends more hugs on a daily basis.

Hugs shouldn't be limited to a person experiencing a painful situation or needing comfort through grief. According to a study, this gift of touch can help reduce the stress of the individual being comforted and even the person comforting. This is a typical win-win situation for both parties involved.

2.  It may reduce inflammation and pain

When we hug, we release a hormone called "Oxytocin", also called "cuddle hormone" — which creates a feeling of relaxation and calmness — both to the mind and the body.

As we snuggle, it helps reduce inflammation and even may lessen pain.

3. Hugs may help boost your heart health

Want to improve your heart health condition? Hug more. Based on some research, hugging has been found to have a positive impact on your heart as it lowers blood pressure levels and normalizes your heart rate.

So, don't let a day go by without giving more hugs and receiving hugs. But just in case no one's beside you, go ahead and hug yourself tightly. Self-hug has been shown to have positive effects on us too.

4. It's a key to a healthy mind and body

As a mom, there's nothing better in this world than to make sure that you and your children are healthy. And a simple act of touch can go a long way in making everyone healthier as it reduces stress and makes your heart healthy. 

5. Hugs can make you happy 

This cuddle hormone is also associated with feeling happy and reducing stress. Oxytocin has even been found to have a stronger effect on us women. This is probably why we feel happier and more loved as we get more hugs.

If the demands of motherhood have been demanding too lately and causing you stress, you probably just need more hugs.

We are sending virtual hugs to all the moms out there.

Love + miracles,



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