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How a TikTok Tip Saved a Lost Kid in a Crowd

How a TikTok Tip Saved a Lost Kid in a Crowd

By Angela Ilagan | | losing child in a crowd tips, parenting, parents, tiktok tip, tips for parents

Imagine losing your child especially in a busy place. This is one pf every parent's worst nightmare. Well, an Ohio mom, Krista Piper Grundey, found herself in this exact situation. But thanks to a clever tip she saw on TikTok, she quickly found her 3-year-old daughter, Lily, safe and sound.

Well, due to the negative effects of social media,  the potential benefits lurking within our social media feeds can be easy to overlook  when put into good use and only when limited screen time of course. This is how Krista Piper Grundey discovered a tiktok tip on how to save a lost child in a crowd. 

I hope it won't happen to any of the parents, but if you ended up in exactly this dilemma, these tips might help. At least, we know what to do. 

The Clever Shout-Out Trick (Tiktop tip)

What most parents do is we call our child's name when they are lost. But thanks to this tip she learned from a social media creator.  So, Instead of just calling Lily's name in the crowd, Krista remembered a TikTok video. The video said to shout what your child is wearing. So, she started yelling, “Little girl, pink Minnie Mouse shirt!” People around her joined in, and soon, Lily was found. This smart move shows how sharing tips on social media can be super helpful.


More Easy Tips for Keeping Kids Safe

Inspired by Krista's story? Here are other simple tips for parents:

1. Bright and Unique Outfits:

Have you heard about the advice of children's author Jess Martini? 

According to the author, dressing your children in bright, distinctive clothing can make them much easier to spot especially when they are in a crowd. This doesn't just apply to trips to theme parks or museums but any outing where the risk of getting separated exists. 

How about printing a customized shirt for your kid especially when going to theme parks or museums? 

2. Safe spot identification

Upon arriving at a new location, it's important to identify a "safe spot" with your child. This could be a landmark or a help desk where they can go if they find themselves alone. This pre-planning can provide a clear action plan for a lost child. 

3. Wearable ID

For younger children or kids with communication challenges, consider a wearable ID with contact information. This includes bracelets, necklaces, or even tags inside their clothing can speak for them when they cannot.

4. Practice makes perfect

This might be pretty hard and might lose your patience but regularly role-play what your child is beneficial if they get lost. Reinforce the importance of staying in one place, finding a uniformed employee, or looking for another mom with kids to ask for help.

5. Tech to the rescue

Now that we have lot's of technology and apps available, this may help older children, equip them with a simple mobile device or smartwatch designed for kids. These can be programmed with essential contact numbers and, in some cases, feature GPS tracking for peace of mind.

Sharing is always caring

Krista's quick thinking, thanks to a TikTok tip, shows how we can all help each other out by sharing our experiences online especially if it will benefit other people. In today's world, a helpful hint is just a scroll away. So, next time you see a useful piece of advice on the internet, remember it could come in handy when you least expect it. Let's keep sharing and caring, making the world a safer place for our kids.

Love + miracles,



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