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How To Deal With Hair Loss After Giving Birth

How To Deal With Hair Loss After Giving Birth

By Angela Ilagan | | after pregnancy, all natural hair care, hair fall tips, hair tips, Post partum hair loss, post partum health

Many women experience changes in their bodies after giving birth — this also includes hair loss. 

I know hair can be such a big deal to women because it can make us look more beautiful and great hair can definitely boost our mood — it's our crowning glory indeed. That's why seeing chunks of hair a few months after giving birth can be so terrifying.

Is hair loss after pregnancy natural?

If your hair started to shed everywhere — after taking a shower, stuck in your hairbrush, or even hair on your pillow, then you're not alone.

Most moms started to shed excessive hair after giving birth —usually occurring 3- 4 months after childbirth. And hormones play a huge factor in this horror-stricken stage of motherhood.

However, note that hair loss is completely normal, experts say. And it's something we can't be spared from. In addition to that, hair loss can be very different from person to person. If you have longer hair, hair loss might be even more obvious and more extreme.

Here's the good news: postpartum hair loss is only temporary, your hair will soon slowly go back to its natural state before and after your baby hits the first birthday.

How to deal with hair loss the natural way

If extreme hair loss is something that makes you bothered and your patience is running low, then here are ways you can do to keep your hair look healthy as possible:

1. Avoid frequent use of shampoo

Shampoos are good to cleanse and make our hair soft, but frequent shampooing might lead to breakage, brittle hair, and more hair fall.

The texture of your hair might also change as you give birth, so it might be good to consider using volumizing shampoo in the meantime.

Plus, be more gentle when drying and wrapping your hair in a towel since our hair is prone to breakage when wet. And please don't brush too hard.

2. Cut down on hair styling

Aside from frequent use of shampoo, you might also want to consider steering clear from blow-drying, curling, straightening, or flat-ironing for a few months. We all know that applying heat to thinning hair can even lead to more breakage and brittleness — which can cause more hair fall.

Just let it dry naturally. Give your hair a little space for the time being.

3. Use healthy and natural hair products

It always pays to check the label when choosing a hair product, not just for postpartum hair fall, but in general also. Always choose gentle and natural products which will not over stripped our scalp.

Try using Paraben-free formulas, Non-GMO, non-toxic, and natural hair products.

Here's a tip I found out, Moringa oil can help keep your hair strong and shinier. Studies have shown that Moringa is rich in vitamin C, E, A, Iron, Zinc, and other vitamins and minerals, beneficial for better skin and hair growth.

Read more about Moringa and Moringa oil here.

4. Eat nutritious food and take vitamins

Time and time again, we keep hearing about the importance of nutrition — not just for hair but for your overall health. So, again opt for food rich in Vitamin A, protein, healthy fats, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, B-vitamins, and iron —these are the needed nutrients for better hair.

And continue drinking the vitamins that your doctor prescribed.

5. Loosen up

No one can truly understand the struggle you're dealing with right now.

So, chill out. Your hair might be falling out than usual, and you feel like you don't look as good as you were before, but be proud of how far you've come. You're still beautiful and will always be!

Love + miracles,



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