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4 Things to Remember For This Allergy Season

4 Things to Remember For This Allergy Season

By Mummy's Miracle |

The weather is warming up, and the flowers are blooming. Flowers blooming also means allergy season is here. This can be a hard time of year if your child has allergies, we are here to help you and your little one if they have a hard time during allergy season.


Just as kids bring up germs from their classmates, they also can bring in pollen with them. So it is important, that when your child comes in from playing outside to make sure that they change out of their clothes and wash their hands & face when they come in from playing outside. This could be a good idea for everyone in the house to follow as well. We all can be a carrier of pollen as well on our clothing, that can affect the kids. As we know it's not hard for pollen to get on everything.


When your child is overly congested, it can become uncomfortable for your little one. So, at night try to open up their little airways as they sleep, by using vapor rub to put under their nose and on their chest. Now, most vapor rubs can seem so strong and rough. So, we recommend something light and not too overpowering, but still strong enough to get the job done. 


As much as we wish we could just put our children in a bubble, we cannot save them from everything. So during this time of the year, make sure that you are using the weather app on your phone, and the weather channel app to check the air quality in your area. So, you can monitor your child's outside time, it can be a little bit harder to do if they go to school. But while at home on the weekend, make sure to monitor their outside time.


The first beautiful day of the year can have us so anxious to open up the patio doors, and every window in the house. It is advised that you do not that if your little one is struggling with their allergies. Pollen can easily blow into the house, so to avoid contact. Use your central air system, to avoid flare-ups for your child.

We can't keep our kids in the house or in a bubble. Even though it would be so much easier. Just make sure to take the precautions to make sure that your little one and you are prepared to make it through Allergy season.

Love + miracles,



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