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Keeping Safe Around Laundry Pods: Easy Tips for Families

Keeping Safe Around Laundry Pods: Easy Tips for Families

By Angela Ilagan | | easy tips, Laundry, laundry pods, parenting

Laundry pods are the newest and one of the easiest ways to wash clothes. If you've seen how they look, you just need to simply drop a pod into the washing machine, then voilà, its coating will dissolve on its own.

Yet, despite how laundry pods make washing clothes easy, they can be very dangerous for kids and some adults. Even though they look kind of like candy, which entices kids to bite into them, they're packed with strong cleaning agents that can harm if swallowed or touched.

These laundry pods pose an unexpected threat. In fact, U.S. poison control centers have received tons of cases requiring hospital treatment—some were even confined to intensive care units. Among the reports recorded in children ages 5 and below, eight have died since 2012.

Once swallowed, one can expect serious effects to occur such as severe vomiting, breathing trouble, and some cases can even lead to coma and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

This is why we should ensure that kids and older adults should never be physically exposed to laundry pods. With that, here's how to keep everyone safe at home:

1. Teach Everyone

Make sure kids know that laundry pods are not for playing or eating—they're only for cleaning clothes and it's harmful when touch or ingested. Tell even the grown-ups who might get confused, like grandparents, about the pods' danger too.

2. Put Them Up High

Don't leave these laundry pods out where anyone can grab them. Keep laundry pods in their original box and store them where little hands can't reach, like a high shelf with a lock.

3. Clean Up Spills Quick

If a pod breaks and spills, put on gloves and wipe it up right away. This stuff can cause itchy skin when touch or hurt your eyes.

4. Watch Kids Close

Kids should never touch laundry pods, even if they're helping with laundry. If we want our kids to help with the laundry, you may want to switch to the normal detergent and make sure an adult is always there to watch.

5. Try Something Else

If you're worried about pods, you might want to use regular liquid or powder soap instead. They're not as tempting to kids and safer for families with curious little ones or adults who might get confused.

6. Know What to Do If Something Happens

Learn what to do if someone eats a pod or gets it on their skin. Don't make them throw up. Rinse their mouth or skin with lots of water and make sure to call for a medical help fast. Keep the poison control number handy, just in case, which we hope never happens. 

Laundry pods are handy but keeping our families safe comes first. With these simple steps, we can help stop accidents from happening. Let's make sure laundry day is safe for everyone.

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