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Mummy’s Miracle For Diaper Rash

Mummy’s Miracle For Diaper Rash

By Cody Barnes |

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As I’m sure every mom is aware of diaper rash is a common thing their little ones can experience. It causes their skin to be sore, red, and very dry. The condition can be linked to 3 different reasons according to Nemours.

  • Irritation: This can be from the diaper itself or from a dirty/damp diaper being left on for too long
  • Infection: This is caused by urine or diarrhea left in the diaper long enough for bacteria to survive and multiply. This changes the pH levels in your baby’s skin, which leads to a rash.
  • Allergies: Your baby could be allergic to your laundry detergent, soap, color dye from the diaper itself, or the baby wipes.

Now I know there may be moms out there feeling really guilty every time their baby develops diaper rash. As you know this condition is very common and it can happen even to the best parent. So don’t beat yourself up, nobody is perfect. The most important thing is to learn how to cure it and prevent your baby from getting it again or so often.

Change Your Little One's Diaper Frequently:

This is 101 of preventing diaper rash. Anytime they poop or pee, they need a new diaper. Whether this is every few hours or every 30 minutes. If they filled it or soaked it, the diaper needs to be replaced.  

Clean Your Baby’s Bottom:

In-between diaper changes in addition to cleaning your baby’s bum with wipes, occasionally you should also clean their bottom with some warm water, especially if the skin is already irritated. Then pat their skin dry gently before loosely placing on another diaper.

Use Mummy’s Miracle Talc-Free Cornstarch Baby Powder:

Have you discovered the miracle in moringa for babies? Click on over to our site and get your little one a bottle of Mummy’s Miracle Baby Powder. Using this will not only help prevent diaper rash, but it is also talcum free. You can be relieved that your baby is not being exposed to a harmful substance.

Naked Time:

A mommy blogger gives this funny and unique solution to preventing & treating diaper rash. She suggests giving your little one Naked time in the back yard or around the house. Not only will the fresh air do some good for your baby’s bum, but it will also put a smile on your face.  

Use Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Ointment:

For all those times that despite all your prevention techniques, your little one does get a diaper rash, turn to Miracle Moringa Baby Ointment. Apply this to your baby’s skin on the affected area and in time you will see the miracle in it. It will leave your baby’s skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

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  • how to get rid of diaper rash quick

    One of the biggest irritants to a diaper rash is using baby wipes. Though, of course, you must thoroughly clean a soiled baby bottom, wipes contain chemicals that may burn or irritate the rash further, even if you select a sensitive skin or fragrance-free brand. Because of this, the best way to clean a diaper rash is with clean, warm water. Learn more https://www.telepeds.com/how-to-get-rid-of-a-diaper-rash-in-24-hours/

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