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Natural vs Safe - What's best for baby?

Natural vs Safe - What's best for baby?

By Mummy's Miracle |

In the new wave of healthy consciousness, all parents want the best for their child. For them what is best has to be safe. Unfortunately, not every thing with 'Natural' stamped on it is safe and many parents fallen for the 'organic/natural' magnet. You may ask, "If it says organic and natural is it not safe to assume it's safe? It's a reasonable question. Organic is assumed to equal pure. Natural too. The best for your baby. Better than the proverbial 'Store bought.' However, it doesn't always follow. Is it therefore imperative for parents to equip themselves with information that will enable them make rational decisions for their precious bundle.


It is not wise to pick a product off the shelf only because it says 'organic' or 'natural' because organic and natural baby products are not regulated by the FDA. There is still no data on uniforms standards or regulations that completely defines 'organic' or 'natural.' According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), 'natural origin' refers to ingredients at least 50% from natural sources such as minerals or plants. So if 50% is safe because it's natural, what about the rest of the other 50%. From this definition 50% could be harmful and still be considered 'natural.' Essentially, it's not clear what is safe. Not everything that reads 'organic' is safe and not all synthetic ingredients are bad. Ingredients must be individually assessed for safety and effectiveness.


Product labels for organic and natural products do not show exact quantity of ingredients. Manufacturers are not required to disclosed ALL ingredients only active ingredients. It follows then that there might be ingredients which your baby is ingesting that you are unaware of because there are not listed in the ingredients panel.

 Choose the best for your baby not just what's stamped with 'organic' or 'natural'

Selecting a product for your little one has to go beyond 'organic' and 'natural.' You must ensure it's safe for your baby. Read the reviews and see what other parents think about a product before you purchase it. Choose a brand like Mummy's Miracle which is made by a mom who uses these products on a daily basis on her babies. This is very important. Mummy's Miracle puts their money where their mouth is. Mummy's Miracle engages in numerous research with the best chemists in the industry to ensure that every single ingredient in the product is on the label. We have nothing to hide. Our claims are backed by science and research and all of our products go through rigorous safety processes. Every batch is tested. Over 90% of ingredients used in Mummy's Miracle products are 'naturally derived.' 

Consequently, natural doesn't mean safe. You have to do more research into the company to determine whether ingredients are missing from the label and whether proper testing are done. Most importantly, you must ensure that these products are SAFE for the little one. Never settle for anything less than 100% safe and gentle for baby!

*According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), 'natural origin' refers to ingredients that are more than 50% from natural sources, such as plants or minerals.

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