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Natural Ways to Reduce Swelling in Pregnancy

Natural Ways to Reduce Swelling in Pregnancy

By Angela Ilagan | | Motherhood, natural ways to lessen swelling in pregnancy, Pregnancy, swelling in pregnancy, Swollen legs and feet

It's no longer a surprise to see numerous changes in your body during pregnancy. However, it still feels uncomfortable to see not just your belly getting bigger, but also your feet and legs.

Swelling in some parts of the body is probably one of the most prevalent changes a pregnant woman may experience. And as experts say, this kind of gradual and mild swelling in legs and feet isn't something you have to be worried about. In fact, this is all part of the process. As your baby grows inside your belly, it causes your body to bring more fluids and blood to accommodate the growth — not to mention, hormonal changes as well that are taking place.

Although this mild swelling normally goes away after giving birth, you may also try to reduce puffiness naturally. Here are some tips to help lessen the symptoms;

1. Avoid standing for long hours

Are you usually on your feet all day long?

If standing for hours is your habit, you might want to change it during your pregnancy as prolonged standing may affect both you and your baby.

Though it's important to stand often, take a walk, and get moving — make sure you're not on your feet for long periods of hours. Instead, you may want to take frequent breaks to sit down.

2. Get moving

It may be hard not to stay standing for long hours when your job demands you, but rather than just being on your feet all day long — why not try to keep moving instead?

Experts suggest that moving your legs either by just walking in place or taking a walk help keeps your blood moving. This in turn will help you prevent blood clots and may also help reduce swelling.

3. Lessen sodium intake

You might have lots of cravings lately which makes you consume more sodium than usual, however, this might just even lead to more swelling.
One of the main culprits to swelling is the salt buildup in your body which causes water retention. Thus, limit yourself from consuming such foods high in salt just to lessen a bit of swelling.

4. Put your feet up

Since bearing a child in your womb is tiring, sitting can be one of the many habits you formed during pregnancy. Unfortunately, sitting with your feet on the floor for long hours could result in blood pooling in your feet and legs which may highly contribute to swelling. So instead of just sitting or lying down, you may try to elevate your legs.

Elevating your legs will also help reduce the pressure on your veins.

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