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Summer 2021: Common Health Problems Of Kids During This Time

Summer 2021: Common Health Problems Of Kids During This Time

By Reena Enjambre | | Activities, babies, Baby Health, Summer, Summer101

When you say summer, it brings joy and a smile to each of our faces. The yellow sun, the vibrant colors of the surrounding, the gentle breeze, summer exudes a positive and happy vibes. 

Now that it’s summer time, I know every parent is happy to spend time and create memories with their child. Hold up, before you step outside, you need to know about this first. 

I know you’re excited, especially if it’s your toddler’s first summer. You need to be geared up and prepped first before anything else. Despite the fun, happiness and excitement that summer brings, there are also some things that you should be concerned about, particularly when it involves your child’s health. 

Yes, summer can also be a slight risk to your child, if you are not careful enough. Here are some common health problems kids get during summer: 


  • Summer is the time of irritating insects--mosquitoes, bees, pests, wasps and more. These insects may bite your kids and may lead to skin rashes, inflammation and something more serious like fever and extreme pain. 
  • In order to avoid this, make sure you apply insect repellent on your kids before heading out. Also, stay away from insect ridden areas like areas full of plants and bushes. Lastly, make sure to wash their hands and exposed skins when you get home. Prevention is key here. 


  • With too many activities to do under the sun--your toddlers or kids are busy playing under the sun--time passes by too fast, as well. Yes, hours just seem to disappear. This continuous exposure can also cause the body temperature to rise abnormally, when this happens the water content of the body falls, which may lead to disorientation, feeling nauseous and even fainting. 
  • Try to avoid letting your kids play outside when the sun is at worst. Always have water or juices near them when they play outside, so that they’ll have something to drink from time to time. You can also make some healthy moringa smoothies, click here for the recipe.  


  • Kids love to play under the sun when it’s summer, but these activities can and the summer heat can make them sweat a lot and increase secretion of oil. As a result, your kid may suffer from skin rash or eczema, allergies, and blisters. 
  • To avoid this problem, try to keep your child’s skin as free of moisture and sweat as possible. Change their clothes frequently. If there's a sign of skin irritation, avoid using oil based products that may block the sweat glands. Apply a cold compress on the affected area of the skin. If it worsens, consult your doctor right away. 


  • We know we said to keep your child hydrated all the time, specially when they are playing outdoors, but be careful of the water that you make them drink. Make sure it is clean, contaminated water may cause typhoid fever, diarrhea, cholera and more. 
  • Be careful where you source your water, as much as possible bring your own. 


  • Viruses are also overactive during summer, there’s a chance that your kid may get viruses that can cause “pink eye” through their dirty hands. This may result in redness, itchiness, and eye inflammation.
  • How to prevent this? Hand wash. Yes, hand wash, make sure to wash their hands after they play outside and don’t let them touch their eyes when they are playing outdoors. 


  • We all just love to go to the beach or swim in the pool during the summer, but did you know that long hours in the pool may cause an infection in your child’s ear canal? Water can be trapped in your child’s ear, the moisture can trigger bacterial growth which may lead to severe pain and itching. 
  • Don’t let your child stay in the pool for a long time, have some intervals. You can also make them wear earplugs before going into the water. 

Now that you know the common health problems kids experience during the summer and ways to prevent them, go on and have fun with your kids this time. Remember to take necessary precautions. Stay safe and healthy while having fun, mummas! 

Love + miracles,



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