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Surviving the First Day of Day Care

Surviving the First Day of Day Care

By Mummy's Miracle | | Daycare, moringa, skincare, toddlers

School is Back In! While some parents may be excited to get their children back in school, others are a little nervous, especially the parents of toddlers who are on the verge of starting day care. Not all mothers are able to stay at home to tend to the children. Some mothers and fathers have full time careers that don’t allow them to stay home. Therefore they look to day care centers to provide the proper supervision and care for their loves.

Surviving the first day of daycare is not as challenging as you think. There may be a lot of suggestions that flood your thoughts, but there are steps you could follow to help you make the transition with ease.

Research. Research. Research.  Do your due diligence. It is vital for you to find the provider that best fits your child. Specific environments are more conducive than others. It is possible to choose a daycare center that speaks to your child interests and personality. Make sure you ask any questions that you may have and don’t allow fear to ruin opportunities. Yes, it can be a scary feeling to leave your child in the hands of strangers. But despite the negative stories in the news, there are excellent and highly qualified daycare centers that have your child’s best interest at the forefront.

Take a visit beforehand. Try it out. Grab your little one, and check out the environment. How does your child react? Spend maybe an hour or two participating in some of the center activities with your child. Then leave for about an hour, and see how it goes. Gradual transitional steps can be extremely beneficial.

Create a consistent sleep schedule for the toddler. It is important to maintain consistency. This will allow your toddler’s body to get used to structure of being in a daycare center. Routines helps toddlers feel more secure and prevent chaos in making adjustments. Routines are also vital to child development.

On the first day of daycare bring something that your child is familiar with. You can bring a toy or stuffed animal that he or she loves playing with. Babies remember smells. You can spray a familiar scent onto a small article of clothing. This will help them get adjusted to their new environment.

Boost their immune systems. At daycare, your child will be exposed to more children which increases their chances of being surrounded by more germs. The reality is germs spread and children are more susceptible to them at daycare centers. Put your child on a healthy diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and other immunity boosting foods. Keep your child active. Breastfeed as long as you can. Help them to create good hygiene practices such as washing their hands and keeping their noses clean, if they are of age to do so themselves. Keep your toddler’s skin moisturized with  Mummy’s Miracle Baby Butter or Mummy’s Miracle Baby Ointment for diaper changes. Boosting their immune system can detract germs and infections and decrease their chances of becoming sick.

Make your transition infant’s transition to daycare a tad bit easier by following the mother approved steps. Happy Children, Happy Life!

How have you transitioned your toddler to daycare? Share with us your tips in the comments below.

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