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Tips on Teaching Your Children the Proper Way To Bathe Themselves

Tips on Teaching Your Children the Proper Way To Bathe Themselves

By Angela Ilagan | | bath tiime, Bath time for kids, How to teach kids to bathe on their own, Parenting 101, parenting tips, Personal hygiene, teaching kids

Experts say that something great happens when parents provide an opportunity for their kids to learn new things, training them with day-to-day chores, and even teaching them to do things by themselves  bathing is no exception. 

Though bath time creates a special bond between the parent and kid, sooner or later, when they reach a proper age, they will just have a bath on their own. And as a mom, our role is to teach them how to properly clean themselves. 

But before we teach them how to shower alone, it's important to know when the kid is at the right age, desire, and maturity for this kind of stuff. The most important thing we have to consider is their safety as drowning among kids is still prevalent. At most, experts suggest solo bathing when a child reaches around 8-10 years of age. Other kids ask to be left on their own as early as 6-7, still with proper supervision. 

Though even if kids can bathe on their own safely, teaching them proper hygiene is still extremely important as most of them just know how to splash water and goof around  yet this comes as one of the hardest part.

Nothing comes easy when it comes to teaching kids. So with that, here are tips on how to teach your children about proper bathing. 

1. Show and tell them 

Kids learn by watching their parents the most, and by showing them the right way, they will be able to learn the fundamentals of having a proper bath.

It's important to be hands-on when it comes to teaching them as kids are visual learners. 

2. Get creative with teaching the essentials  

Teaching kids the importance of taking a bath and it's basic steps are essential  how to wash the body with soap, shampooing thoroughly, washing the private part particularly with daughters, rinsing the whole body properly, and drying with a towel. Plus, make sure they won't forget to wash their ears, feet, bums, and  armpits. 

Another tip : make sure that shampoo, body wash or soap, and towels are also accessible when your kid needs it. 

Moreover, instead of just telling them how to do it step-by-step, you can try to be creative as possible. 

3. Know when the best time to teach them 

Just like adults, kids also learn best when they are in the mood. 

There's always the best time for learning especially for kids.

We can't force them to learn something when they aren't ready or in the mood of trying new things. So, if you feel like they are sort of grumpy, it's best to just teach them some other time.

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