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Ways to Achieve the Clean Beauty Look

Ways to Achieve the Clean Beauty Look

By Angela Ilagan | | beauty, beauty trend, clean beauty, clean beauty look, moringa oil, natural beauty

There are too numerous skin-care tips being shared on Tiktok. The speed at which these beauty videos are spread is so quick.

And one of the most popular viral beauty trends over social media is something about getting that clean beauty look.

Let's dive into this "clean look" which garnered almost over 200 million views and counted on Tiktok alone.

So, what does the "clean look" beauty trend means?

Well, this "clean look" as its name suggests, is about elevating and enhancing your features with less or minimal make-up while getting that regular "model-off-duty" look. It's more of a natural and clean beauty vibe but also looks expensive.

Hence, it's somehow related to the "no make-up, make-up look", as they both want to achieve that natural yet glowing look. However, the "clean look" one focuses on only five make-up products. It's more of applying the basics, nothing more. Plus, the slicked hair. And don't forget fresh fragrances.

Ready to know those five make-up products?

Before we get to know those five products, let's first start with the hair. Make sure you get your hair look slick and polished.

Whether you want your hair down or up, do the bun or clean ponytail, just make sure your hair is looking tidy and polished.

You may want to use a little hairspray if you're having a bad hair day. Or you may want to slick down your baby hair with a pomade or moringa oil as well.

1. Sunscreen

As with any natural yet simple clean look, skin care is a must. And of course, you shouldn't miss sunscreen.

After prepping your skin with essential skin care, start applying sunscreen all over the face and neck.

We recommend applying Moringa Oil to your face and hair as your moisturizer. This will help you achieve that glowing and dewy look.

2. Concealer/BB cream/foundation

Next off, to get that natural and glow finish, start with the luminous primer. Followed by applying concealer or a small amount of foundation just underneath the eyes. This will brighten and somehow cover the under-eye circle. You can use either concealer or foundation, but make sure to apply it only around the eyes to achieve that clean look.

3. Eyebrow

Of course, no matter how minimalist this look may seem, you shouldn't forget about your brow.

Brush your eyebrow, lift all the hair, and lightly use the brow pen to fill in any gaps.

4. Blush

What we love about cream blush is that it's easy to apply while leaving that natural glowing look. Then, finish it off with bronzer to give you that warm glow.

5. Mascara

Finish this simple clean look with Mascara as it will enhance your eyes for bigger and brighter-looking eyes. Using mascara will also give you that younger-looking appearance.

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