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Ways to Deal with Baby Formula Shortage

Ways to Deal with Baby Formula Shortage

By Angela Ilagan | | baby, Baby formula shortage, Baby Health

Shortage in the baby formula is a big deal. It can leave parents to be in panic mode. On top of that, there is a threat of covid-19 variant still lurking, adding more to the state of panic we're facing this 2022. And sadly, there's no clear sight of when will this shortage ends.

It's heartbreaking to see parents desperately searching for baby formula, driving for long hours, and even making their own baby formula leading to more problems.

As we know, baby formula is essential for children's full nutrition - if it runs out, babies may be at risk. So, with the shortage worsening, here are tips you can try:

1. Try Changing Brands

There's nothing wrong with changing baby formula brands. In fact, you might actually find a milk formula that is way better than what you've been previously using. Just make sure to consult your physician if your making a switch to other brands and confirm if your little one doesn't have a medical need for a certain type of baby formula.

Check out the FDA's list of approved baby formulas that are available online. You may also try looking for another generic equivalent baby formula. But make sure to know if the product went under strict nutritional requirements and is FDA approved.

2. Start giving your baby solid food

Pediatricians and other medical professionals point out that it's totally fine if you introduce solid food to your baby one step at a time. However, this doesn't apply to newborn babies. This only applies to babies 6 months and beyond.

You can try giving your Similac this week, and Gerber next week, or even healthy boiled veggies or fruits as long as your pediatrician approved and your baby has no medical issues as well.

3. Give Breastmilk a try

As you know, breastfeeding is free and healthies option. However, breastfeeding may not be for every mom. If that's the case, breast milk banks are also good option to try.

There are almost 31 milk banks all across the US based on Human Milk Bank Association. They accepts donations of excess breast milk from lactating women.

Parents don't need to worry because donors were tested and screened first before they can donate their breast milk.

4. Reach out on social media mom groups

Thanks to Social Media, we can now connect with people we don't know just by joining groups. Try reaching out to other moms on social media to see if they still have unopened and unexpired cans of formula.

If you're planning on going for a long drives, try going to small pharmacies and small stores too. And if ever you find a store that has enough supply, share it with other moms who need milk formula. Remember that there are plenty of parents struggling this time.

Please refrain from making your own formula as it may cause health problems like seizures and much more serious emergency situation.

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