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Ways To Practice Five Languages Of Love On Yourself

Ways To Practice Five Languages Of Love On Yourself

By Angela Ilagan | | five love languages, five love languages on yourself, how to show yourself some love, positive self-talk, self-care, self-love, ways to love yourself

We all show and receive love in different ways.

If you've read the book "Five languages of love" or probably heard this concept before, the author explains different ways we express and receive love — it can be in the form of words, touch, gifts, quality time, or an act of service.

And normally when we talk about these ways of love, our mind goes straight thinking these five love languages can only be practiced in an intimate setting. However these five love languages aren't limited to the people we love, we can also practice them on ourselves.

Yes, self-love languages are also as important. So, Knowing your love language and practicing these five love languages not just towards your loved ones, but also to ourselves can help us live  a happier and healthier life. 

Here are ways we can practice five self-love languages:


Are you someone who loves hearing and saying sweet and affectionate words to your loved ones? Then your love language is through words.

How nice if you could also warm yourself us by saying comforting, nice, and encouraging words to yourself daily.

Nowadays, we unknowingly do a lot of self-destruction. I don't know about you but I realized that most of the time, I was the first person to criticize myself. Now, it was me who keeps on thinking that "I'm not good " or "I can't do something". I bet many of us feel the same way. We are the biggest contributor to why our esteem is so low.

So, even if your love language isn't through words, why not start practicing positive self-talk to yourself now?


Touch as a form of self-love language might seem a little bit odd but, mind you, giving yourself a hug at times when no one can give you a deep embrace can be so magical. It has tons of benefits as well to your health. Check it out here.

Aside from self-hug, giving yourself a relaxing massage, self-care, relaxation activities, a simple tap in the back, stretching, getting active, and even simply taking a walk are ways you can practice this type of love language to yourself.


What acts of service do you love seeing from your partner? If you're the person who enjoys the service done by a significant other, then acts of service might be your love language. But of course, we can also practice a form of love language on ourselves.

Do something that your future self would be grateful for. This form of self-love can be in the form of cooking healthy meals for you to be even healthier or doing something that you've been putting off to do, and even making time for your health check-up.


Well, it might be awkward to think about practicing this form of self-love to ourselves. But treating yourself for some "me-time" or just simply spending even a little time to rest is a good way to practice it.

This is what you need if you've been taking care of your family from time to time without rest. So, give yourself the much-needed break even for a short time.


If you're like me or like most women, you've probably been practicing this form of self-love way beyond the time you got to know what those five love languages actually mean. Yeah, come on, shopping is always our stress reliever. Just be careful with splurging yourself with unnecessary spending as it may increase your stress later on.

So, if ever receiving or sending gifts is your love language, then don't hesitate to practice it to yourself. Besides, gifts don't always mean something expensive. You can always give yourself a small treat.

Whatever your love language is, hope you can practice it for yourself too.

Love + miracles,



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