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5 Tips to Protect Your  Child's Eyesight

5 Tips to Protect Your Child's Eyesight

By Angela Ilagan | | child's eye health, Eye, eye health, healthy eyes, kid's eye health

Eyes play a very important role in a person's quality of life — more specifically in a child's learning and development capability. 

Sadly, multiple people suffer from vision problems even at a young age. In fact, some of the eye issues we encounter as an adult actually develop back when we were young. 

Based on CDC's statistics, in the United States alone, 1 out of 4 preschool-aged young folks have an undetected eye issue. 

And these vision problems in children can negatively affect their studies, learning capacity, and even their confidence since most learners heavily rely on their sight. 

So, it's important to look after your child's eye health even at an early age for the best options. Below are things must reconsider about your child's vision. 

1. Make sure to schedule a regular eye test 

Now that kids are exposed to screens, there is a higher tendency to develop eye problems. 

Also, did you know that some of the problems in the eye started in infancy? This is why getting a comprehensive vision exam at least once a year is a key to detecting eye issues and assessing the condition of your child's eye at an early stage.

If left untreated, these eye problems can hinder your kid's quality of life. 

2. Train them to get enough sleep 

Sleep is vital not just for eye health but for overall health as sleep helps heal and recharge our bodies. As we sleep, we are giving our bodies time to renew cells. 

Insufficient sleep can lead to eye fatigue and eye strain. Thus, it can result in a higher problem later on in life. 

3. Limit and lessen screen time 

Yes, there's no doubt that we are living in a modern era where kids at a very young age already know how to use gadgets. Unfortunately, prolonged screen time can result in eye fatigue, eye strain, dry eyes, blurry vision, and even fatigue.

Moreover, several studies have shown the negative effect of spending hours on the screen on kids' eye health, mental, physical, and sleep patterns. 

4. Start feeding kids healthy food 

Unless your kid genetically developed eye problems at a young age, these vision problems can be lessened with the help of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

Feeding kids a healthy and balanced diet can help strengthen and protect your kid's eyes from developing certain issues. On top of that, you are also giving them a healthy boost to fight diseases and promote healthy well-being. 

Train them to eat food rich in vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 which is good for the eye. Be sure to give them food abundant with vitamins A, C, and E. This includes carrots, sweet potatoes, nuts, leafy green vegetables, beef, and even fish. 

5. Give them Moringa 

Just imagine 92 nutrients, 46 anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, plus 18 amino acids in one source. These nutrients are present in Moringa Oleifera. If Moringa contains these wide array of nutrients, how much can it improve your kid's eyes and overall health?

However please take note to choose 100 % natural Moringa powder and make sure to consult your pediatrician to know if your kid isn't allergic to Moringa. Don't give it to your baby yet.

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