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5 Reasons Why Too Many Toys Won't Do Good For Your Child

5 Reasons Why Too Many Toys Won't Do Good For Your Child

By Angela Ilagan | | child's development, effects of too many toys, excessive toys, toys, why too many toys is bad for kids

It's always a great feeling to shower your kids with love and presents. And gifting toys almost became a habit for most parents. However, are we giving them too much? Is it a bad thing?

Parents are easily tempted to buy more for their kids. Be it the latest toy on the market, or it's what their children demand. Giving toys is also the usual case for parents who have hectic schedules, hoping it can fill in for the time we've lost and time we can't spend with them.


I found out that the term "less is more" doesn't just apply to putting make-up, but it's also applicable to kids toys as well.

So, if you're planning to give another toy, think twice. Some research has shown that excessive toys aren't as good as it may seem for your child's development. Let's explore the reasons why excessive toys aren't helpful for your kids.

1. It affects kids concentration levels

With piles of toys in front of them, this will lead to a high level of distraction while the kids grow. This goes the same for us adults; imagine you're in a place where there's so many choices to choose from? This won't keep your mind focused. Your mind and your focus might probably jump from one thing to the next. And it's the same for children.

Keep in mind that the environment where children grow has the ability to shape their minds and behavior.

2. Excessive toys can lead to more siblings fighting

I thought having too many toys could lessen sibling fights. Well, unfortunately, it's the other way around.

Mountain of toys won't give the assurance of peaceful and harmonious relationship. It goes the other way around. The more toys they have, the less they share with each other. It leads to territorial behavior, selfishness, and possessiveness.

Having fewer toys teaches kids to cooperate with one another better. It gives them the chance to share and take turns in playing. It teaches them generosity.

On top of that, having fewer toys will give kids time to interact with their playmates better.

3. Giving too many toys will spoil children

Unless you really want to spoil them and regret in the future that they become such a spoiled brat, then go on, give them more toys one day after another. But if you want them to avoid the feeling of being entitled and later on become more independent, then start taming them about toys overload.

4. It hampers kids creativity

It's not in abundance that people become creative — it's due to scarcity and necessity — this is the very same with children's creativity.

When there is too much, they wouldn't have the need to invent. It wouldn't give them the chance to think of household chores as something they could play with.

So, if ever you're giving new toys, make sure those are toys that will encourage them to be more creative, just like Lego, puzzles, and so on.

Not to mention the fact that having more toys simply means more household chores, doesn't it? And you don't want that either.

There is joy in just having enough. Kids will be able to learn more about life, not just with toys. But of course, our time with them won't suffice even with the most expensive gadgets or toys in this world.


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