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Oringaa (Our 100% Moringa Leaf Power) loaded with nutrients for kids and mum. Throw a spoon is a cup of smoothie for that extra nutrient.

Our Mummy's Miracle Moringa 'tear-free' wash & shampoo is sulphate free and free of paragons and chemicals.

Our Mummy's Miracle Moringa baby lotion is hypoallergenic and hydration

Our Mummy's Miracle Moringa baby butter is thick and hydrating for the dry batches on baby's skin. Kids and adults with dry skin can use this as well.

Our Mummy's Miracle Moringa baby vapor rub is the perfect solution for a cranky baby at night. The pure lavender and eucalyptus will make baby sleep easy and will reduce stuffiness in baby's nose.

Mummy's stretched out belly will love you when you gift her with Mummy's Stretch Mark oil. 

Those sore nipples will breathe again when you use our Food Grade Mummy's Miracle Mummy Nipple balm. Can be used as a healing cream and a lip balm. Smells fresh and clean.