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All Natural Mummy's Miracle Talc-Free Cornstarch Baby Powder

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    • THIS POWDER CONTAINS NO TALCUM. All Natural talc free 3.5 oz, Chemical free Toxic-free, Pure naturally absorbent Corn-Starch, No animal testing
    • Due to the numerous talcum powder lawsuits and its relation to cancer, we formulated our baby powder with CORNSTARCH, Hypoallergenic. Clinically shown to be non-irritating and safe for baby's skin
    • Our powder is GRAIN-FREE and PEDIATRICIAN-TESTED. Keeps baby's skin dry and cool
    • Use this talc-free, cornstarch alternative since TALCUM POWDER has been shown to cause cancer.
    • Use for face baking when applying make-up or as a dry shampoo alternative, shine remover for face, soothe inflamed and irritated skin