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Our Heavenly BUNDLE BATH-TIME ESSENTIALS is everything a new mum requires to start out in her quest to make her new baby comfortable. Also excellent for the entire family - kids & adults. A little goes a long way. Bundle includes, baby wash & shampoo, baby A + D ointment, baby vapor rub,  baby powder, baby medicated powder, baby oil, baby lotion, baby butter, mummy's stretch mark oil, mummy's nipple balm.

  • Made in USA
  • Contains the essential products mum needs to start a bath routine for baby, with a bonus for kids, mum & dad.
  • Discover Natural's Secret for Baby's Healthy Skin
  • Mummy's Miracle Baby Daily Moisturizer Lotion Uses: Helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped, or cracked skin Mummy's Miracle Baby Daily Moisture Lotion. Apply as needed Other Information: To open, twist off cap and remove quality seal. Do not use if quality seal is broken. Store at room temperature Mummy's Miracle Baby Calming Comfort Bath. Shake well Before first use, twist off cap and remove quality seal Do not use if seal is broken Pour a few capfuls into bath Swirl to mix Follow with Mummy's Miracle Baby Calming Comfort Lotion after bath to keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and healthy Mummy's Miracle Baby Stress Relief Body Wash. Shake well before use Squeeze body wash onto wet pouf, wash cloth or hands Work into a rich creamy lather, then rinse For Shaving: Apply by hand as a rich shaving lotion for silky, smooth legs


Both my babies still smell like babies after using Mummy's Miracle Baby Tear-Free, Sulphate Free Wash & Shampoo. I like that the formula is tear-free and does not cause irritation when in contact with the eyes. All the ingredients on the bottle are easy to understand, a plus if you prefer all natural ingredients. The formula is gentle and washes off easily. It is sulfate and paraben free.There are no dyes or artificial colors. Also, as a body wash this product is awesome. - Dede

The Mummy's Miracle Diaper Ointment is amazing. A little thick, but man this stuff does the trick. My son had a bit of a diaper rash - this cleared it right up and has kept it clear. Mild to no odor (smells a little like chamomile). I'd love if it came in a small travel tub too! - Veronica

I use Mummy's Miracle Cornstarch Talc-Free baby powder on and off for things like dry shampoo or keeping myself dry in the summer (under my arms) which lead me to realize that it works well as a deodorant. I do not use traditional chemical deodorant and usually use my own DIY deodorant that works very well, but one day after a shower I threw some of this under my arms and forgot to put on deodorant. I noticed that the next day I did not smell at all. I tried again and it worked, so I have been using this off and on when I forget my deodorant. - K-Bug

I bought Mummy's Miracle Moringa Stretch Mark Oil anti-aging stretch mark oil for my daughter . She just had a baby so I thought she would love it . It has helped with her stretch marks. She feels like it has made her skin very soft . She does like how smooth it makes her skin . She likes that it has natural ingredients. It's awesome being able to have all natural products to put on our skin being our skin absorbs it all. So it a plus that this healing oil is chemical free. Helps with tiny wrinkles and aging . It softens up those fine lines that can make my face age. It nice that it is a multi purpose oil . - Jordin K

The Mummy's Miracle Moringa Nipple Balm smells great! I am loving this product. Love that it's natural and safe for my baby. I am nursing now and this product is working great for us. No side effects noticed. No skin reactions.
The bottle is a very generous size and will last me most likely the duration of my nursing. I am so pleased with the product and recommend it. It would make a terrific baby shower gift! - Ashely P

I've heard of Mummy's Miracle Moringa Vapor Rub before but never tried it. Now that both my little tots are sick 3 and 8 months I gave it a shot and so far I love it! The scent is so natural and not overpowering I hope they never change this formula! The formula is nice and thick not watered down and the shea butter really moisturizes the skin and doesn't feel greasy I love it so far! My son has terrible eczema and it didn't irritate his skin and everything irritates his skin! My daughter asks for me to put some on every night since she's been sick with a lingering cough, this will have your child back to themselves in no time! - Vicky S

This oil is wonderful! Mummy's Miracle Moringa Baby Oil works great on my babies skin. The baby oil rubs in smoothly without leaving any yucky residue and it smells great as well. I use this to help treat and prevent my babies cradle cap. I rub this on top of his little head and then I comb out the dirty flakes. Everything is all natural and there is no irritation to the babies skin while you use it. This is great for all skin types and you can use this on your skin as well as the children's skin. This makes mine and babies skin feel so smooth and soft after I use this. The bottle is not large but it lasts a long time and you can really use the oil for many skin problems.

 I bought this Mummy's Miracle Moringa Baby Lotion because my son is very sensitive and has several allergies & eczema on his cheeks that's flare up with outdoor allergens. I've tried it soap at all, puracy, Bert's bees, Aveeno sensitive, etc. For a couple of months Puracy was my favorite for my son and for myself but it just didn't do quite enough for moisturizing purposes. I've been using this brand, mummys miracle, on my son for about a month now we have had no complaints. His skin is incredibly soft even without putting the lotion on aft wards, his hair is much more soft and his curls stand out even more. I also use the emollient for him, for his eczema on his cheeks and it has been great. Doesn't burn his sometimes raw skin, and brings the inflammation down quickly. I tried the body wash on myself tonight for the first time along with the lotion right out of the shower, and I am sold. I have no issue with the scent. I actually love it its delicate yet natural. All together I use the emollient cream, body lotion and body wash/shampoo on my son and we love it. - Nicole O

Mummy's Miracle Moringa Baby Medicated Powder. No complaints about this power - it does a good job keeping the baby's bottom dry and I feel good about using something more natural on my baby and also I feel that this container will last us a while and I won't need to buy any more. It is best to keep the little ones away from any harmful ingredients. Whenever my baby has a bad diaper rash I just put on some rash cream on the spot that needs healing and seal it with a bunch of powder... this combination does miracle healing much faster. Compared to the Mummy's Miracle origional baby powder, this particular one is slightly medicated with zinc oxide which can further speed up the healing of painful rashes. Also, this one is a bit different in that it has some eucalyptus and lavender oil which give it a pleasant smell unlike other baby powders I have tried in the past. Like most powder bottles, this one has a convenient twist top and then the powder comes out of the little holes when tilted. - Marinka L




This is a nice creamy lotion, Mummy's Miracle Moringa Baby Butter. The moisturizer works well on both my skin and my baby's skin. I noticed that this helped my skin so that the stretch marks were less visable and my skin felt smother and softer. This was also able to keep my baby's skin moisturized and didn't cause him any irritation at all. There is a nice light scent and it smells like any other baby product on the market. Everyone I know associates it with the new baby smell. This bottle lasts a long time as you really only need a little bit. It smooth's in easily and doesn't leave a yucky greasy residue when you use it. My baby likes the feel of this on his skin and I love how this makes my skin feel.


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Mummy's Miracle Skincare is the world's leading Natural Moringa based skincare and you have many great reasons to buy from us. We are a fast growing company because we always put the customer first. A customer-centered shopping experience has always been our goal and we pride ourselves in our comprehensive policies that have put us in a realm above and beyond our competitors. Shop with us today and see the Miraculous difference. A Few Of The Reasons You Should Buy From Us: We have partnered with national fulfillment centers for all order fulfillment and have our products strategically placed in warehouses across the United States. That means you will be receiving your wonderful all natural products by one of the best online retailers in existence from somewhere near you. Secure Ordering available Lowest pricing available online Brand new fresh products, so your product has not been sitting on a shelf for long by the time you receive it. Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support. Tons of satisfied customers. Quality name brand organic and all natural products. You will love our products. 100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee. All items in stock & ready to ship. Everyone that uses our products, comes back for more. We must be doing something right! Mummy's Miracle products are made from all natural ingredients. Our products contain the best Moringa seed oil there is, raw honey, shea butter and purified water, as well as essential oils and vitamin E and more, depending on which product. It is a true delight for baby's skin, and one that can be used completely guilt-free as it benefits our environment and the world as a whole. Mummy's Miracle follows stringent standards and rules to ensure the products are completely all natural and free from any chemicals or other pollutants. The bottom line is we love our customers, and our customers love our products!

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